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I know I have been a little MIA lately. And by lately…. I mean since September 2019. Losing any loved ones is not easy. For me losing my fur babies (TWO in Four months) has been the hardest time of my life and during my busiest season. Thank you to all my amazing clients that kept me going by bringing so much joy into my life with yourself and your wonderful families. My mom had to remind me a few times: “Animals are just a piece of your life, but to them…YOU are their whole life!”

In September 2019, I had to unexpectedly put my beloved kitty down after cancer came back in between his 3 month scan/follow ups from his amputation in November 2018 to remove bone cancer. After a long stent of getting answers from VRCC and sending his mass to NC State for additional studies, he had a 5% chance of cancer returning. Cha Chi was a very very special cat, that was more like a dog, so of course he was in the top 5% and the cancer came back strong and fast. I did what I had to do as his voice in this life and not allow him to suffer.

Cha chi’s paw print

After Cha-chi’s news, my oldest pug, Skeatti’s health went downhill where he had a stay in VRCC as well. Now, with my old guy he had allergy issues every spring that caused a cough and he ended up on steroids to help alleviate his cough. 2019 the steroids sent him into full blown diabetic symptoms. Vet insulin was not working for him, and we had a trial and error on human insulins that would work for him…. once again another special animal, but A LOT for this fur mama all at once.

Less than a month after Cha-chi in October 2019, we are back at VRCC with Skeatti trying to get his internal health better. With the help of Dr. Kerry Kablack and the internal specialists Skeatti was found to have a long list of issues: diabetic, two heart murmurs, blind due to being diabetic, deaf, lung disease, heart disease, collapsed bronchial tube, and cancer in his liver and spleen. Unfortunately, the masses were not an option for surgical removal and Skeatti would not have made a good surgical candidate.

Many may not know this about me, but I do have an Animal degree from VA Tech and prefer to see and review the scans and/or masses, and be hit with the hard truth for my animals as they ARE MY CHILDREN. I HAVE to be their voice and do what is best for them. Myself, VRCC, and Dr. Kerry decided to keep him comfortable and any further treatment would not be fair to put him through. After this I decided I had to capture his last moments and make them his very best, even though he couldn’t ‘see’ them.

He was spoiled until the rest of his days, and had the best Christmas… including pulling his wrapped bone from under the tree and trying to rip it open.

On his last day, I made sure to allow him to have ALL his favorite things: car ride, chicken tenders, ice cream, bones, and being in the sun. I am blessed to know he is no longer in any sort of pain, even though he didn’t show pain. I am blessed to have had an amazing 10 years with him, after rescuing him when he was 2 year old. There will never be another pug like him, and he will forever leave paw prints on my heart.

  1. Heather says:

    You’re absolutely amazing & both Sketti and Cha Chi were blessed to have you as their fur momma!! I love you!

  2. Heather Noble says:

    I love this and how much you love your fur babies. Of course I feel the same about mine. This touches me immensely! You already know that Reggie died a couple of years ago from lymphoma and came aggressively and took him from us within a month. It was so hard! We decided to put him down when we couldn’t eat or drink anymore. I think I waited to late but making the decision was gut wrenching. Now go what you don’t know and why this touches my soul currently… Bou (the golden) is 10. We just found out he has a mass on his spleen. His chance of it being cancer is extremely high. We had some xrays done and labs. We go in for an ultrasound Tuesday. I pray it’s benign and he can have surgery to remove it. He’s been in our life for so long. Through college, getting married, our first apartment, our first home, when we brought home Reggie and our two babies. He’s been in about all of our family pictures. He travels with us often. If you need anything please let me know! If you have time to do some photos of my sweet boy please let me know- I understand if not. I am so glad you’ve been focusing on your personal life. Hugs my friend!

    • Oh my goodness girl!!! Please keep me updated with sweet Bou and I will be praying for him and the family for the best outcome. Dogs do really well with out their spleen as well. Sending all my love your way.


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