Kala & Aaron | Proposal | Ashland, Va

Six years. Yes, six years, Kala has waited for this special moment from the love of her life, Aaron. And I would say it was totally worth it from the big grin on her face (you will see as you scroll).

The story of how Aaron was able to surprise his planner fiance (I know Kala will like this word to describe herself), and she was SURE he would not surprise her. Aaron messaged me on instagram about a month ago, stating it was time to propose and he wanted it captured. I felt the tears coming in my eyes from the joy of that message. Beyond happy for him and what was to come I was ready make this secret come to light. Kala LOVES Christmas and Hallmark Christmas movies (I mean who doesn’t like Hallmark). Soooo…. Aaron wanted to plan to ‘go pick out a Christmas tree’ as that is one of their traditions and that would be THE SPOT.

With planning sometimes comes with bumps in the road. The first TWO tree farms were not having trees this year due to the lack of supply from all the wonderful rain this year. I cannot imagine how stressed this made Aaron feel, but lucky number three was Ashland Berry Farm, and they were more than accommodating for all of Aaron’s visions to come to light.

We arrived about an hour and a half early. Aaron picked a tree, and a spot. We went over a game plan, and made a hiding spot for me so Kala would not know I was there. Since they really were looking for a tree, she was not suspicious of this moment getting ready to happen.

I watched them walk from the parking area looking at trees, and Aaron pointed out that a tree was decorated. They began to walk towards the tree that was decorated with pictures of the SIX plus years of their life together including their fur babies. Super sweet RIGHT?!?!?!?! (I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying)  As Kala walked up, she was looking at the photos, and Aaron dropped to one knee, and Kala’s smile was the biggest smile I have ever seen. Over joyed with the moment and having the farm to them selves was beyond romantic.

Congrats Aaron and Kala I am beyond happy for you both!!


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