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With the new year comes those new years resolutions. What is yours? As a bride myself I know my goal it to look a certain way in that wedding dress. Maybe to tone those stubborn arms and be a little more active….maybe a few other goals.

I have been working with Shayna for some time, and she is the best personal trainer for women, in my opinion. She knows what works and customizes workouts for each individual. And she may kick your ass right in to gear, I know she did for me. She has helped with meal prep and a meal plan, and also how to stay on track outside of the gym. As a busy individual I have limited time, she worked up an at home workout plan for me as well. She can help you REACH YOUR GOALS TOO!!

What I love about Shayna is that she is so passionate to help people reach their fitness goals. When someone reaches their goal, even a small one, she is just as happy as they are.

Shayna is also an AWESOME FITNESS BLOGGER. She discusses a lot of topics we as women are afraid to ask. One of my favorite blogs of hers has been Problem Areas and Exercises on how to fix them, this is definitely a good read for anyone that has struggled with any problem area.

Any shoot with Shayna is sure to be fun and full of laughs. This shoot we planned was for HER. To embody who she is. She is a mom, a personal trainer, a bikini competitor, a friend, a fiancé, and a bad ass business woman….. BOOM!

 Shayna-0890 Shayna-0922 Shayna-0924    Shayna-0996 Shayna-1006 Shayna-1007 Shayna-1015 Shayna-1019 Shayna-1024 Shayna-1027 Shayna-1048 Shayna-1086 Shayna-1097 Shayna-1195

Shayna is now offering some FUN HIIT classes on the weekends that DDF clients and friends can join, they are a touch of dance, cardio, stretching and just sweaty fun to kick that booty in gear.  You can contact Divine Dimes Fitness here.


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