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Last week was my 30th birthday……holy crap 30!!!! I’m still wondering how I got here so fast. I still feel like I’m 26 and a new home owner and building a small business. THIRTY, that is just still CRAZY to me.

For this birthday I wanted to take some time just for me. I have spent the last couple of years being a work aholic, working a full time job and then working almost every single weekend still building this amazing business with some AWESOME clients. From 29 to 30 I have learned to slow down, appreciate the smaller things, and knowing I missed out on a lot by pouring myself into my work. Life only happens once…….that was something my Papa told me over and over again. This past year I listened and focused on enjoying more of what I love. In taking more time to enjoy life, I found myself more passionate in my work, more creative, and most of all incredibly happy.

This last year has been so rewarding to say the least. I have found my person to share my life with that completely gets me and all my weirdness, and totally adores me for exactly who I am. We are in the middle of planning our wedding for 2016, and that is another adventure in itself. We are raising a puppy named Sawyer which offers all sorts of challenges and rewards, a clue in challenges is that he loves name brand shoes…….I decided to live a more positive life and remove a lot of negative in the early parts of turning 29, and that has made such a difference in my life. I ventured into doing styled shoots and I will say doing these is beyond amazing, it allows me to be creative and work with some awesome awesome vendors without becoming burned out. Being published on Burnett’s Boards was a goal I had for myself this year that I didn’t think I would achieve, and my very first styled shoot was published just 10 days before my birthday…..such an honor!!!

So how do you celebrate your 30th when you have everything you have ever wanted in life??

I chose to plan my second styled shoot two days before my birthday, then take a few days off, my childhood best friend and little sister came with me to check out some wedding dresses at Urban Set bride. My little sister actually flew in from SC to surprise me at the bridal shop, and it was the best surprise. And you know you picked a great matron of honor, Joni, when she shows up to the fitting with a full cooler, ice, and extra cups. A few days after my birthday while my little sister was still in town, it just so happened that ALL my bridesmaids were off work and in one location….ssssoooo we ventured over to the wedding venue and I was able to show them the location, and then go try on bridesmaids dresses which turned into everyone in a wedding gown… was the BEST!!!

With me having a great birthday week already….I was ready for a surprise adventure day this past Saturday. My sweets and my childhood best friend, Joni, had planned a surprise birthday party with some of our closest friends. I am beyond grateful in life to have friends, family, and my loved one that put everything into making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


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