Grant and Jennifer Engaged l Northern, Va Wedding Photographer

I couldn’t wait to meet Jennifer and Grant, as sometimes we don’t meet our clients until their engagement session. Grant, had decided to help quite a bit with the wedding planning (good man) and it was his part to find a few vendors, photographer included. Our first email we connected, he had looked at my website, and read through some of my blog posts. I knew we would have so much fun during their session.

As it was a spring, semi chilly morning. I got up at 5:00 am to make the 2 hour drive to Loudon county in Northern Virginia. Grant and Jennifer had picked out a gorgeous farm for their engagement session. I have become very fond of early morning sessions for this gorgeous light!

 We even let Grant wear his hat for a few.
 I love the way they look and smile at each other!
 Life is so much better to walk through when you have a hand to hold.
 LOVED this tree!
 How perfect is this tractor, and with this lovely couple on it?!?!?
 HA HA HA I caught him sticking his tongue out at Jennifer.
Jennifer, I LOVE your smile and laugh!!! You are GORGEOUS!!
Stunning eyes and smile!!!
 I know I have read a quote somewhere that says ‘a couple that hunts together, stays together’ I think this is perfect for these two. As we walked through the field and woods to get to this location we saw quite a few critter tracks, turkey, deer, and a coon track.
 This abandon red barn was perfection!
 When you stubble upon an abandoned car, much less an imported car it’s a given that we will take pictures with it. 🙂
 REALLY REALLY cool old car!!
 Jennifer and Grant share a love for football…..BUT not for the same team. So there is a little bit of rivalry during football season.
 Congrats again Grant and Jennifer and I can not wait for your September Wedding!! 🙂

Paying more attention to detail

I have noticed this year, a change in how I shoot weddings. I told myself at the end of last year I needed to
give more, and be better.  I trust myself more when shooting, and I pay
more attention to details. Before I would take a few shots of
everything, cake, shoes, dress bouquet, BUT I never trusted myself to do
some more with, or take creative shots. In the back of my mind I was
always thinking, what if they don’t like my vision. This was something I
think we all have to get over, as a wedding day can be very stressful
and exhausting…..I LOVE every minute of excitement during a wedding.

had a lot of rain in May in VA. One of my May weddings was very planned
out. I had met with the bride and groom two weeks prior to the wedding
to plan out every place we would be taking family pictures, wedding
party pictures, and just the bride and groom. I like to keep my picture
taking time to a minimum after the ceremony, so it is always great when
you have brides that will do a walk through of the venue at the same
time of the ceremony days prior. As the wedding day came, it was pouring
rain in the morning. On my way to the venue the rain had stopped and it
was just an over cast, which is a photographers dream for lighting.
Everything was looking GREAT, once she put the dress on it begin raining
again. Sadly to say we were unable to take the bride and groom and
wedding party image that we had planned out. So in the event of this
happening, I do offer the bride and groom a private session to come back
to the venue on another day to get the images that they wanted. With my
added time I was able to get more detailed shots, and I must say I am
loving this new style. I have found myself coming more into my style in
every aspect of my work. It has been 4 years in  the making, but so
worth it in trusting myself, and having awesome clients that trust me as

Here are a few of the detailed shot from this rainy May wedding.

In LOVE with glittery heels!!!
 Probably my new FAV image of bridemaids getting ready!! 🙂 

Wood Wedding l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

Saturday was the PERFECT day for a wedding!! This year I have decided to do weddings a little different to offer my brides more, and allow me more time for detailed shots. 🙂 We arrived to Celebrations at the Reservior about noon. The wedding ceremony was at 4:00 pm. Lauren had everything set out for me, and the wedding site was already beautiful as all the vendors were setting up. I was so excited to see everything coming together perfect for Lauren and Chris. 
Lauren was straight into hair, while her bride-maids were getting their makeup done. Everyone was SOOO excited and happy, I knew it was going to be a fantastic day, with a great group of people. 
When her Dad arrived, it was the first time I met him and he was so excited. I had discussed with Lauren and her mom, Karen, about doing a first look with her dad, since Lauren is an only child, and Mom and Dad’s little girl; they were all for it. This was my first look as well, it was a surprise to Dad as well, he hadn’t seen her dress or any bridal portraits.  EEEEKKKK!!!
After the bride and groom opened their amazing gifts to one another, we got Lauren dressed and ready to go see Dad, get your tissues out for those images, I was in tears just setting them up, such a touching moment with so much love all around. 
Now it was almost time for the ceremony. The clouds had set in to block the sun, PERFECT because it was getting rather hot in the sun. The guys lined up, you could see the nervousness on Chris’ face. And it was the big moment the time for his soon to be wife to walk down the aisle, and when they opened the door you could see him fighting very hard to hold back tears. Lauren is amazing gorgeous inside and out, and she was just glowing walking down to her husband with her Dad.
A friend wrote a song just for Lauren and Chris, it was touching. Rings were exchanged. A wine box ceremony was performed; this was the first I had ever heard of one of these. It wasn’t ceremony candle or sand, but the bride and groom wrote a letter to one another to why they love them, and what made them fall in love with one another; they both put their letters in the wine box and open it in one year to be read on their anniversary. How cool is that? 
The big kiss was on its way, and you could see the love and excitement on everyone’s face!
BAM!! They are now husband and wife, now its time to celebrate!!
Their reception was a lot of fun, perfect first dance, full of smiles mother and son dance, and an AWESOME father and daughter dance, no lie he wins most awesome dad ever award.
The night ended with a sparkler goodbye, all smiles from everyone. 
Have so much fun on your honeymoon!

Vendor list:
Videographers: Jen + Ashley
Second shooter: Katelyn Coleman
Cake: Pam Harlowe
Hair Stylist: Susan
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Parker Makeup
DJ: coming soon