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So, I will apologize first for sucking at staying updated with blogs. Wedding season is CRAZY. This month alone is JAM packed with fun: 5 weddings, many sessions, bachelorette weekend madness, and 3 weeks plus some days from MY WEDDING DAY. EEEKKKKKK!!!

For my birthday I ALWAYS love to celebrate with y’all and spread the joy. This year I will be doing some awesome giveaways, but you have to share and follow the rules to enter…..are you ready for these?

1. A FREE mini session PERFECT for the holiday season.

2. 50% off Bridal session

3. The BIG one here, $500 off any wedding package for a 2017 or 2018 bride

How to enter to win these giveaways: COMMENT on this blog, tell me a little something something about you, and/or your family or spouse to be. SHARE on Facebook. SHARE image of snappy birthday on instagram and TAG me @crystalreyns AND #crystalsbdaygiveaway

Good luck you guys, now I’m off to hunt down a sugar free cupcake for my PAPA’s 82nd birthday today. Yes we have the same birthday and it is kinda awesome 🙂 🙂

Ashley’s Hometown Bridals | Crystal Reyns Photography | Louisa, Va Wedding Photographer


When Ashley had contacted me to capture her next chapter in life with the man she had been building a life with for FIFTEEN years, I was totally honored. Not only would that day be special, but I actually grew up with Ashley and she was the first bride I would have to capture their day that I had known since the days of the elementary school bus. So so so many days on Ms. Baber’s bus riding to Jouett.

Ashley wanted to stay in our home town for her bridals, it’s where she grew up, feel in love, and built a home for their life together. In choosing a location…..needless to say we picked a few.

The town of Louisa as that is where we are from, its a small town, and we may have hated it growing up, but it is a part of us. Weston Farms for the gorgeous lighting, and our elementary school.

All bridals are extra special to me, but this one right here hit home. This woman that I knew from a little girl that was a friend walking across the road to catch the school bus that I would get to capture walking down the aisle to her next chapter in life. Thank you Ashley for allowing me to capture your beauty as a bride!!

Ashley-0004 Ashley-0014 Ashley-0032 Ashley-0039 Ashley-9749 Ashley-9820 Ashley-9821 Ashley-9841 Ashley-9848 Ashley-9864 Ashley-9958 Ashley-9998

Ashley-0064 Ashley-0095 Ashley-0183 Ashley-0190 Ashley-0193 Ashley-0208 Ashley-0233 Ashley-0242 Ashley-0302 Ashley-0324

Rule of Crumb | Feature Friday | Crystal Reyns Photography

YAY for feature friday, and getting to feature another awesome small business woman.

This month’s feature friday goes to the one and only, Rule of Crumb, Miss Jami that has been ROCKING out some custom cookies. I am beyond proud of what she has done in a year, and you can SEE how passionate she is about her cookies! Check her out on FB and give her a like here: Rule of Crumb


I got to spend a little bit of time with Jami one evening watching her do her thang…… and a little interview on getting to know this BOSS LADY:

How did you get into making custom cookies? It started by doing a bridal shower for her sister in law, and googled how to make starfish short cookies for favors. Then realized it wasn’t that hard, then started making cookies for birthday parties and posted a picture on Facebook and it went viral from there by getting requests for preschools, and gender reveals etc. So it just sort of happened.

What makes you passionate about Rule of Crumb? I really like to do my own thing. May be the stubbornness in me, but I like being my own boss and being in control of everything. I feel better about everything when I am completely in control. I have always been a little crafty so it was a natural thing.

Can you see you going full time?
Yes, absolutely. Ever since I was little I thought i would be a business owner I just never knew what it would be in. Very happy with where my little business is going.

What can we look forward to from rule of crumb in the next year? Going full time. I would really like to start doing classes, like a wine and design type except with cookies in the home with friends.

What has been your favorite thing about working in the cookie world?
Really love coming up with the perfect thing for the perfect event and seeing the clients reactions and knowing I knocked it out of the park.

What is your favorite event to make cookies for?
Baby showers, there is something about little onesies and baby stuff that I love.

What was you turning point for rule of crumb? When I started my facebook page a year ago, and I didn’t expect it to be much, and thought it would be an easier way for people to get in touch with me, and it BOOMED.

Tell me us who Jami, owner of rule of crumb is: I am really boring. I like being at home, and I have always liked being creative and being able to run my business out of my home has been amazing. I never thought cookies would be a big hit, but you can personalize them for anybody and anything. We live in a pinterest world so it makes it FUN.

Rule-5643 Rule-5646



Rule-5635 Rule-5649 Rule-5653

Sawyer is ONE | Personal | Dog Cake Smash | Crystal Reyns Photography

I know y’all see me post quite a few cake smashes through out the year. Y’all know I LOVE them. And I LOVE my fur babies…. so for our little guy Sawyer we HAD to do a cake smash.

He had his first studio session the day after we got him, he was 8 weeks new, and what seems to be so tiny compared to now. Back then he was calm, sleepy, and not the most coordinated. We began a hashtag to follow his grow and it was so fun to watch over the past year. #watchsawyergrow

NOW being the bit ONE, he is SSSSSOOOOOO energetic, which is a huge change from having lazy pugs. He is a morning dog and doesn’t let us sleep in, he listens pretty well, he loves to chase ANYTHING that will move, including all his fur brothers, a ball is his best friend, and he still loves to cuddle he just doesn’t know his size.

So March 24th 2016, happiest of birthday to our biggest baby Mister Sawyer Duke!!!!

Here is the many faces of Sawyer:

        SawyerONE-7275     SawyerONE-7284  SawyerONE-7290 SawyerONE-7291    SawyerONE-7297

And this DOG cake 🙂 It is made from bananas, peanut butter, flour and eggs. The icing the greek yogurt chips melted……easy peeeeezzzzyyy and they LOVED it!

 SawyerONE-7453 SawyerONE-7458 SawyerONE-7463 SawyerONE-7481

And he was afraid of it…..I guess he thought he would get in trouble LOL

SawyerONE-7487 SawyerONE-7492 SawyerONE-7520 SawyerONE-7528 SawyerONE-7530 SawyerONE-7534 SawyerONE-7547 SawyerONE-7549 SawyerONE-7553 SawyerONE-7554 SawyerONE-7555 SawyerONE-7570 SawyerONE-7574 SawyerONE-7575

Fall minis | Louisa, Va Family Photographer | Crystal Reyns Photography

I know I say it way too much, but I LOVE Fall. The Va festivals, fall weddings, the beautiful colors, and meeting up with some amazing families….oh and maybe scarfs and tall boots….

This year has been quite the blessing to visit a few locations around Central Virginia for some Fall minis and with some new beautiful faces and some returning beautiful faces!! I loved hearing about some had already put up empty frames on their walls as ‘this’ session was going there……that makes my heart so happy as images ALWAYS look better on the wall than in a thumb drive or disk!! With one more fall mini for Carter’s mountain this week, then we will be ALL SET for Christmas minis that I will be posting about more this week!! 🙂 🙂

Here are a few of my favs from this year:

Cari-1733 Cari-1770 Cari-1863 Knighton-1967 Knighton-2019 Knighton-2105 Knighton-2169 Knighton-2205 Mallory-1166 Mallory-1196 Mallory-1301 Mallory-1361 Mallory-1374 Mallory-1393 A&T-1600 A&T-1624 Pancham-1611 Pancham-1675 Pancham-1698 Pumpkinpatch-8480 Pumpkinpatch-8546 Pumpkinpatch-8658 T&C-8725

Annahy’s Country Maternity Session l Crystal Reyns Photography l Keswick, Va Family Photographer

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, this week has been a little more geared towards the Mom’s. So it wouldn’t be perfect without a perfect spring baby bump feature. 🙂
Annahy contacted me a few weeks ago to set a date for her maternity session, she had already planned the location and all the details for her session. Kudos to her, because I didn’t really know that what this gorgeous property entailed until I arrived……WHAT AN AMAZING LOCATION!!! Offering an amazing garden, a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and some show horses. Can you believe this is someone’s home???
As Annahy and Santigo begin to prepare for this bundle of joy, they have decided to wait until birth to find out if it is a boy or a girl…..serious HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?! I know many moms and dads just can’t wait to find out to get the nursery ready before baby. So with just a few short weeks waiting I know Annahy can’t wait to welcome this baby into the world, and I can’t wait to get an update after he or she is here! 🙂
Without being too chatty check out probably my favorite baby bump session to date:
Serious Annahy you are STUNNING!!
How cute are they?!?!?!?!
Socks kissing the baby bump while they share a kiss 🙂

Ayva’s Mermaid Theme Cake Smash l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

Cake smash sessions are my absolute favorite for kiddos. I seriously wish we could do this at every birthday no matter what our age. 🙂 This was Ayva’s first go at cake, and I will say it was a success.
Kristen, Ayva’s mom, planned out the perfect theme for Ayva’s birthday. Mermaid theme, with all things purple and teal…..I am in love with how these colors compliment each other. In planning I wanted some new drops just for Miss Ayva, huge thanks to P-Prints Backdrops for these awesome drops. 
 Isn’t she ADORABLE?!?!?!?!
 And here is the cuteness overload…….that mermaid outfit is the CUTEST!!!! 
 “I’m turning ONE”
 “hey, that is all about me” 🙂
 Cake by Pam Harlowe

Helynn’s Birth Story l Charlottesville, Va Birth Photographer

Miss Helynn was born in the evening on November 5th after a long day of Mom, Amber, feeling the full strength of labor. Amber you did amazing, and she was definitely worth the wait. 
I will never forget get when Amber contacted me to let me know she was expecting, and she wanted to do a pregnancy announcement session (seen here). That day she glowed with happiness like I had never seen, Brandon had put that smile on her face that she still hasn’t been able to remove. 
As the months went by, Amber kept me posted on how she was doing and we planned her gender reveal (here). Which her and Brandon planned on Brandon’s stomping grounds in Greene county where his grand parents once lived. This was the session where I finally got to meet Brandon, and I could tell why Amber was so happily in love, he is completely smitten over Amber and Haizel. 
Take is two more months down the road, and it was time for maternity, and a gorgeous skyline drive scenery (here). 
All of those moments lead up to this day, the waiting was finally over and Helynn made a glorious entrance into the world, and mom and dad couldn’t be happier.
 …..the waiting game…
 Brandon was so supportive during contractions 
 after epidural smiles 
 Our guesses on times and weights
after a little cat nap it was time to push
 such a mix of wonderful emotions 🙂 
 AND then Helynn let out her first cry……at that point I was in tears because it is so magical

A mountain maternity session l Greene, Va Family Photographer

I have really loved these last couple of years getting to know Amber and Haizel better. When Amber first contacted me to do a pregnancy announcement shoot, I could see the glow on her face. There was a change about her……she was happy and it showed. At their gender reveal and meeting Brandon, I knew exactly why. Y’all are awesome as a couple, and I know this little girl will grace your presence soon and be loved above and beyond by you two!!! 
 The morning of their maternity session was a cold and brisk one. I made the long drive up to sky line drive in Greene county where we passed many deer and gorgeous gorgeous over looks. I have a small obsession with nature and the mountains so this was perfect for me as well for a change of scenery. My favorite part of the day was Haizel asking “where is crystal going?” As previously she has been rather shy, and I love when kids start to open up and feel comfortable around me, even with a big camera pointing at them making weird noises. 🙂 
 EEEEKKKK How cute is she, and this was the first shot?????
 And she made her leg girlie just like mom, without me asking her… cuteness overload!
 I think I can say Haizel is a little excited for a baby sister!
 Amber you are just too cute with this baby bump!!!
 Absolutely LOVED this rock wall.
 I love their LOVE!!!

Taylor & Cody State Fair Session

There is no doubt that I love couple’s sessions. With the State Fair coming into town, I wanted something different, something fun, something that capture more than just a picture to hang on the wall. I wanted to capture a fun experience and moments.
And that is just what Taylor and Cody allowed me to do…..
 It wouldn’t be the fair without some cotton candy and fried food
 Seriously how gorgeous is my cousin….and yes I’m totally jealous of her tan!
 Taylor’s is so intense on beating Cody :):)
 EEEEKKKK!!! Def a favorite!
 And this photo bomb LOL