Kat and Tiff | RVA Engagement Session | Same Sex Wedding Photographer | Crystal Reyns Photographer

Where to begin on this couple….

They are amazing, fun, totally in love, and LOVE to flirt in front of the camera. I absolutely adored working with the couple as the camera just loves them. And I love the vintage twist to this session.

RVA was the perfect setting for this couple and that pop of red. That sunset glow just loves y’all!!

What y’all may not know is we had to cancel their session TWICE due to rain…..and seriously what a blessing that was to get this perfect day at Maymont.

K&T-7736 K&T-7737

Seriously those eye lashes though

K&T-7745 K&T-7750 K&T-7758 K&T-7768

I love their laughs

K&T-7774 K&T-7790

Love is love!!!!

K&T-7795 K&T-7817 K&T-7838 K&T-7841 K&T-7846 K&T-7857 K&T-7900 K&T-7915 K&T-7932 K&T-7954 K&T-7990 K&T-7991 K&T-7998 K&T-8003 K&T-8083 K&T-8113 K&T-8127 K&T-8135 K&T-8148

AND THEN…… the funniest part of their session:

K&T-8153 K&T-8157 K&T-8160 K&T-8166 K&T-8175 K&T-8185 K&T-8200 K&T-8205 K&T-8225 K&T-8260 K&T-8279 K&T-8290 K&T-8298 K&T-8317 K&T-8319 K&T-8321 K&T-8349 K&T-8371 K&T-8374

Thanks Kat and Tiff for being SO much fun!!!

New Years Resolutions | Divine Dimes Fitness | Feature Friday |Crystal Reyns Photography


With the new year comes those new years resolutions. What is yours? As a bride myself I know my goal it to look a certain way in that wedding dress. Maybe to tone those stubborn arms and be a little more active….maybe a few other goals.

I have been working with Shayna for some time, and she is the best personal trainer for women, in my opinion. She knows what works and customizes workouts for each individual. And she may kick your ass right in to gear, I know she did for me. She has helped with meal prep and a meal plan, and also how to stay on track outside of the gym. As a busy individual I have limited time, she worked up an at home workout plan for me as well. She can help you REACH YOUR GOALS TOO!!

What I love about Shayna is that she is so passionate to help people reach their fitness goals. When someone reaches their goal, even a small one, she is just as happy as they are.

Shayna is also an AWESOME FITNESS BLOGGER. She discusses a lot of topics we as women are afraid to ask. One of my favorite blogs of hers has been Problem Areas and Exercises on how to fix them, this is definitely a good read for anyone that has struggled with any problem area.

Any shoot with Shayna is sure to be fun and full of laughs. This shoot we planned was for HER. To embody who she is. She is a mom, a personal trainer, a bikini competitor, a friend, a fiancé, and a bad ass business woman….. BOOM!

 Shayna-0890 Shayna-0922 Shayna-0924    Shayna-0996 Shayna-1006 Shayna-1007 Shayna-1015 Shayna-1019 Shayna-1024 Shayna-1027 Shayna-1048 Shayna-1086 Shayna-1097 Shayna-1195

Shayna is now offering some FUN HIIT classes on the weekends that DDF clients and friends can join, they are a touch of dance, cardio, stretching and just sweaty fun to kick that booty in gear.  You can contact Divine Dimes Fitness here.

2015 year end review | Crystal Reyns Photography

It has been one AMAZING year. Full of weddings, maternity, family sessions, THREE styled shoots, and lots of beyond amazing clients!!!

A year I became a bride to be as well, and I love my brides and vendors helping me out on planning my own wedding!

Thank you all for allowing me to capture your life and supporting my small business!!!


View More: http://crystalreynsphotography.pass.us/wood-gender-revealCamdynne-8819Moore-7507 Camdynne-2746 A-Maternity-0565 Dani-3061 Henshaw-5587 j&S-8311 K&J-6781 K&J-6786 K&J-8150 Kelsey-1338 k&m-4413 k&m-4543 Kristen-8231 L&S-1926 L&A-proof-0275 L&A-proof-9300 M&J-5005 M&J-5071 M&J-3587 M&C-4752 M&C-4841 M&C-6003 M&N-0769 N&M-0317 Brycen2-3492 T&C-2355 T&C-3087 T&C-3253 K&S-7362 Barlow-9306 Barlow-9373 Miller-5129 B&R-6890 B&R-7009 Bonovitch-6592 Breeden-3534 Clark-1660 Clark-1747 Clark-2432 Clark-2436 Lauren-0711-2 Lauren-0862 M&D-9423 M&D-9603 M&D-9680 M&D-9774 Morgan-0031 Hurt-8336 N&M-0510 N&M-9505 N&M-9524 Raegan-6932 S&C-8802 S&C-8934 Brycen-9226-2 Brycen-9254 T&A-5629 T&A-5922 T&A-5968 Alvis-0670 Alvis-0685 ROC-7398 Shayna-1012 Shayna-1155 Chachi15-7886 Nagshead-3061 Sawyer-8weeks-2547 Shutterfest15-7605 Shutterfest15-7717 Shutterfest15-7860 dogs-1460 dogs-1541 styledshoot-7122 styledshoot-7373 styledshoot-7776 styledshoot-7799

M&D-2035 M&D-1855 M&D-1128 Olivia-4709 M&D-2586 M&D-2130 M&D-2076 Breedlove-5639 Breedlove-5570 Olivia-5008 Olivia-4797 N&G-1355 Blog1 Breedlove-5705 Bohostyledshoot-6412 Bohostyledshoot-6183 styledshoot-6328 Bohostyledshoot-6298 Bohostyledshoot-6055 N&G-1582 Jace-8931 Moore-7051 Cam-7086 Palmerfamily-9124 Jace-9038 Knighton-1967 Cari-1770 Cari-1733 Lauren-1037 AD Mallory-1374 Mallory-1361 Knighton-2205 Knighton-2169 Pancham-1698 Pancham-1675 A&T-1624 Mallory-1393 Brycen-6400 T&C-8725 Pumpkinpatch-8480 tanya-6575 Brycen-6411 tanya-6564 Noble-4152 15petxmas-6384 Brandy-2127 Brandy-1983 Urbansetbride-7872 Urbansetbride-7826    Noble-4390 Noble-4373      Noble-4201

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Urban Set Bride | Feature Friday Series | Richmond, Va


For my first feature friday series I knew exactly who I wanted to feature. And these lovely ladies said yes!!!

Urban Set Bride is AH-mazing brides!! Seriously if you haven’t visited just a bridal boutique, please reach out to Urban Set. This little bridal shop was my ONLY choice as a bride myself. I knew I loved the feeling of comfort, home, and I felt like family when I left. And true story, they even made my childhood best friend want to be a bride, when she was planning to elope…..that makes a huge statement to me alone!! So…..yes I am proud to say I am an Urban Set Bride myself and my experience was beyond amazing for trying on dresses and feeling like bride. And it was SUPER FUN!!!

What sets you apart from other bridal stores: ” We only allow one appointment at a time, and every client deserves that experience no matter what their budget is. We offer a different selection, without being too overwhelming. We pay attention to trends, but still has classic gowns. The bride will come in and meet the owners instead of a worker on commission (David’s Bridal). We wanted to offer one appointment at a time to have a family feel. Our brides come in as strangers and leave as family. We offer plus size, small budget. Other bridal shops focus on high budget, typically white, and folks that have deep pockets. We are a no pressure salon, suggest the bride to look at other shops before deciding on a gown.”

“Your wedding is an awesome day and you should enjoy being a bride. We want to remove a stigma of ‘other’ women that want to feel awesome. ”

How is it being a mother daughter team: “Can’t imagine working with another person. It has its ups and downs. It is a whole another level of trust, and forces us to communicate and trust each other. We definitely lean on each other as it is consuming on time and life. Brother and Dad helps out as well. Allows us dedication to working with a family members. And gives that 100% family business”

How was it to leave corporate world: “I was doing wedding planning part time and working in property management. I knew since college I wanted to own my own business, but didn’t know what for. As working part time in wedding planning I knew that bridal shop was best fit. I wanted to set apart from the David’s bridal to a big end shop, as I wanted to fit ALL women. And there is no going back. No one can be my boss again. ”

What is you typical bride: “open minded brides.”

How do you connect with other vendors: “I love networking, rising tide, tuesdays together.”

How did you pick your location in Richmond: “We didn’t want to be where competitors are. Definitely wanted a cozy feel. We  love the neighborhood and how it is changing. People are changing churchhill. It is a place that is easy to park. We didn’t want or need the drive by traffic and do not prefer ‘walk in’ traffic. Its a comfortable feeling. We  couldn’t achieve that in short pump or in cary town.  We are surrounded by amazing restaurants that we can suggest to their brides after their appointments.”

What can we look for from Urban Set Bride in the next year: “We are expanding the shop and bringing in an in house seamstress. We will have an in-house florist, Amanda Burnette. And will have office space for Wood Grain and Lace. Inventory is expanding, more plus size more casual options. Would like to add a menswear that are LGBT for women’s suits as well.”

Who are your favorite designers: Maggie Sottero, voted best fit, trendy and classic, great detail. not super expensive. under 2900. Oldest designer: Ellis Bridal, 104 years in business.

Urbansetbride-7847 Urbansetbride-7845 Urbansetbride-7826 Urbansetbride-7872 Urbansetbride-7873 Urbansetbride-7874 Urbansetbride-7876 Urbansetbride-7877 Urbansetbride-7878 Urbansetbride-7884 Urbansetbride-7849 Urbansetbride-7852 Urbansetbride-7855 Urbansetbride-7860

Thank you so MUCH Urban Set Bride for allowing me to come in and spend some time with y’all, it was a true pleasure.

My first styled shoot | Romantic Boho theme | Crystal Reyns Photography


I am beyond excited and nervous to finally share that my very first styled shoot has been published….and published on a wedding blog I read every single week. It has been a dream come true to say I am officially on Burnett’s Boards (I seriously never thought I would never be able to say that). See their post HERE. THANK YOU to Sara for this awesome publication!!

I started planning this earlier this year when I was out at Shutterfest in St. Louis. Shutterfest is an amazing conference for photographers to learn from other photographers and each other, and every year I become completely inspired. One class really stuck out, Bambi Cantrell’s. She made an amazing statement, ‘do something completely for you every 4-6 weeks to keep you being a creative.’ At that point I knew it was time and I reached out to my amazing photographer friend of Debbie Laughlin Photography and she pushed me with courage to go after putting this shoot together. Thank you Debbie, you are a great great friend!!!!

My inspiration for this was vintage, which I completely love. So I reached out to some local ladies that have rocking businesses to see if they would be interested in helping me pull this off…….and they totally were. Everything that you see in all images is from a bad ass business lady…..except for male model, Doug. Styling this shoot was completely fun. I had the help of Megan Wilson of Sweet Sauce that pulled in some really really cool accessories from local vendors in Richmond, check out her blog post about shoot here.

Our first stop was Urban Set Bride with our super awesome model, Alissa, to pick out a wedding dress as this bridal boutique offered the exact style as to what I was going for. Working with Christine and her mom was a complete pleasure and they actually let us feature TWO dresses in this shoot…….amaze-balls right?!?!?

My next contact was the one at only Kacey of Faithful Flowers, seriously one of the nicest people I know, but also the only option for me in suggesting a florist. And in this shoot I gave Kacey the open door to do as she wanted and she NAILED IT!!!! Total above and beyond impressed with her arrangements!!

Cake was by the one and only Pam Harlowe, which she never ever disappoints and makes some of the best cakes around. This was her first naked cake and her husband was the cutest when I picked it up. 🙂 Cupcakes by Bites of Delight

Day of shoot was exciting!! Not only exciting, but choosing a day in July meant it was hotter than a you know what, but everyone ROCKED IT. We started at my home in Bumpass, Va for the models to get ready and set up with the piano as a backdrop. After a few snaps there, we loaded up the truck and cars and moved to a riverside location for a the main part of this shoot. With a little table set up, an amazing gold chair from Paisley and Jade, some fanning off of the models we were ready to go…..oh and a dress change…..and possibly walking through some poison ivy which I am highly allergic to (s0 worth it!). Ending river side with some champagne was so whimsical as the sun came in just perfectly.

Some of my favorites from the shoot:

Bohostyledshoot-5918 Bohostyledshoot-5935 Bohostyledshoot-5938 Bohostyledshoot-5948 Bohostyledshoot-5953 Bohostyledshoot-proof-5983 Bohostyledshoot-proof-5987 styledshoot-5859 styledshoot-5862 styledshoot-5911 styledshoot-5984 styledshoot-5985 styledshoot-5989

Bohostyledshoot-6032 Bohostyledshoot-6046 Bohostyledshoot-6055 Bohostyledshoot-6060 Bohostyledshoot-6066 Bohostyledshoot-6078 Bohostyledshoot-proof-6016 Bohostyledshoot-proof-6028 styledshoot-6080 styledshoot-6092 styledshoot-6093 styledshoot-6096 styledshoot-6098 styledshoot-6100 styledshoot-6103 styledshoot-6105 styledshoot-6115 styledshoot-6123

Invites and rustic cake topper by Scrappy Seahorse Design

styledshoot-6131 styledshoot-6142

Bohostyledshoot-6298 Bohostyledshoot-6306 Bohostyledshoot-6320 Bohostyledshoot-6344 Styledshoot-6336 styledshoot-6352

Bohostyledshoot-6258 Bohostyledshoot-6281 Bohostyledshoot-6285


Seriously in love with these cake toppers by Lietofiore

styledshoot-6272 styledshoot-6328

Bohostyledshoot-6150 Bohostyledshoot-6183 Bohostyledshoot-6216 Bohostyledshoot-6219 Bohostyledshoot-6243 Bohostyledshoot-6255

styledshoot-6375 Styledshoot-6376 styledshoot-6390 Bohostyledshoot-6397 Bohostyledshoot-6412 Styledshoot-6439 styledshoot-6476 Styledshoot-6489

HUGE HUGE Thanks to all that helped with this shoot!! 🙂

Natalie and Gary’s Sunset Libby Hill Park Engagement | Crystal Reyns Photography | Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

Pink tulle skirt, gold sparkly shoes, and a gorgeous couple showing off their love at sunset. This Libby Hill Park session was so much fun, not only because I got to learn more about one of my 2016 couples…BUT…. because my sweets joined and actually shot this session……CRAZY right?!?!?!

Natalie and Gary spent Natalie’s last few days in Va packing up the place she called home for quite some time, to join him across the country where they see quite a bit more snow. They choose this special park where it over saw Richmond, her apartment and the James River….it was Gary’s first visit to Libby Hill and it was PERFECT for them.

Thank y’all so much for allowing us to capture this special moment, and I can’t wait until your Richmond wedding next year.








N&G-1476 blog4


blog5 N&G-1531blog6 N&G-1544N&G-1582blog7           N&G-1636

Olivia turns ONE | Crystal Reyns Photography | Richmond, Va Family Photographer

Today I decided to fill the blog with some one year old cuteness.

Miss Olivia was such a ham for the camera. As soon as she saw the camera she was smiling and waving, and how can you not love those two bottom teeth?!?!?! But for real, a little girl after my own heart. She had us all laughing and smiling.

We met at Byrd Park in Richmond, Va. Mom, Dad, and grandparents were all great helpers in this session. I have to give credit to mom, she was well prepared and I loved all of her outfits and props……and mom even made the cake for the cake smash 🙂

Cake smash and sequin never looked so good!!!!


Olivia-4705 Olivia-4709 Olivia-4752 Olivia-4753 Olivia-4761 Olivia-4762 Olivia-4781 Olivia-4785 Olivia-4797 Olivia-4816 Olivia-4817 Olivia-4839 Olivia-4881 Olivia-4896 Olivia-4903 Olivia-4910 Olivia-4923 Olivia-4963 Olivia-4986 Olivia-4989

Lindsey and Phil’s Richmond Reception l Crystal Reyns Photography l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

Lindsey and Phil had an amazing elopement in the famous Las Vegas, NV just a couple of weeks prior to their reception at Conch Republic on the James in Richmond, Va. In hearing all about their wedding and seeing images at this reception it was so awesome to be a part of this event with their closest friends and family. Now I will say I may be a little upset Phil didn’t wear his pink tux to the reception like he did in Vegas, just kidding Phil you looked sharp! 
How awesome is this custom cake? Made by a friend of the family and completely captures their personalities. 
If y’all have never visited Conch Replubic, it is a must. A great atmosphere, amazing food, and an amazing view of the James River.
Such a fun family!!

Sweet Sauce Blogger Megan Wilson on RVA Fashion Week l Crystal Reyns Photography l Richmond, Va

I had the pleasure of working with Ms Megan for TWO days in Dowtown Richmond to capture some AWESOME outfits she put together from local shops all around Richmond. Seriously follow her blog: Sweet Sauce Blog
After these two wonder shoots, her outfits were picked to be featured in RVA Fashion Week. What an amazing honor, and I am super proud of you Megan!! Finally now I can share them all with you as she pieced these awesome 70’s style outfit together. 
Follow her bog (link above) to see where she shops for amazing deals, and how to piece items together.

This was def my FAV outfit of the two days:
And we had quite a bit of fun around Richmond during these two days 🙂 

Melinda & Maegan growing as a family l Personal

I have loved this year of getting close with Melinda again, as we had a strong friendship about 10 years ago and grew apart with me going to college and LIFE. She is a woman with a strong heart that has shown me that love is more than what I was taught and how I was raised. I’m proud to say that my mind is more open than ever in learning the difference in our thought processes, and this needs to be stated for many folks that may have wondering questions when it comes to same sex relationships.
Myself and Melinda were both kind of rebels at heart as younger versions of ourselves, which is probably why we got along so well. Some of those qualities are still true to today, as we are both hard working, independent women in our late 20’s and now 30 (she’s gonna hate me for that). And as most young folks we made some decisions in life that we look back on and think ‘what the hell was I thinking’……like tattoos (we won’t bring up name tattoos or the matching tattoo I got with not so great ‘friends’), going out……and getting married on a wim……….. (cough cough), all the while learning WHO we are as individuals.
Can you answer that question….who are you?
What defines you?
Does sexuality define a person? I don’t think it should. Now with that being said, that is NOT how I was raised to believe. I grew up in a very old fashioned, closed minded, stricter southern home. And in growing up and making my own decisions on how I view things and people in life I wish I was raised to be more open minded. I shouldn’t have spent my high school years and late teens thinking gay was WRONG or BAD, along with many other things. Going to college and meeting more open minded people really allowed me to view love as not just a man and a woman, but left many many questions that I was afraid to ask. Being with a woman is not my personal preference, but I don’t hold that choice again Melinda, her happiness is most important in my book. And who she loves shouldn’t matter the gender or color of their skin just because it is not MY preference.
I have asked Melinda why this is her choice…..and I LOVE her response that she tells many people.
  “I love someone for their heart not their parts.” 
Sit and think about that for a moment, shouldn’t we all love someone for their heart prior to anything else….
And I love LOVE, I live for wedding days and capturing happiness in couples, love stories which happens between two men, two women, and a man and woman. LOVE IS LOVE!!
My next question was probably a stupid question and I was on the fence about sharing it, BUT I’m sure a lot of people want to ask this: If you like girls why do you date girls that look like boys? (wasn’t being mean, but I really wanted to know)
“Because men are men. As a lesbian, I’m attracted to the parts and mind of a woman.I have a very hard time connecting on an emotional level with men. I can have friends that are dudes, but the truly falling in love with a man was tough, even though I thought I had a few times… Now that I am 100% comfortable with who I am, I realized, I just don’t relate to men in the same way. We don’t “click.” Another way to look at it –
It’s just a sexual preference, much like the way that some straight women prefer biker guys, or the way that some straight men prefer athletic women.
My sexual preference should affect someone no more than if you order ham and pineapple on your pizza and I like ham and mushrooms – if you aren’t sharing that Pizza with me – than why do you care?”

I have to give mad props where it is due. And it makes my heart so happy that Melinda is raising her children in an open minded world. She is very honest with them with her thoughts and feelings. WE do live in a small town where many pass quick judgement, and it’s NOT FAIR. 
“I actually do not want my children to be gay – it isn’t an easy road to travel and there will always be someone there to tell them they are wrong or they shouldn’t feel that way… but I want them to be honest with themselves, no matter how they feel. Not just with their sexuality but who THEY are as a person. If they want to cover themselves in tattoos and then go to medical school, that is ok fine. If they want to run off to LA to chase dreams of being an actress, that is fine too… I will always always support my children in whatever and whoever they choose to be”
So to my parents, SHAME on you for embedding that such things were wrong. I’m glad I have rose above your teaching on me as a young Crystal.

Now scroll back to the top and tell me what you see in that image….
I see happiness, laughter, and love in which that image makes me smile, because I feel the happiness between those two people. It’s not just an image it’s a real moment captured……
For the rest of my life I want to see this world more open to LOVE in general. Be happy for you! And allow others to be happy for themselves as well. Stop passing judgement because there are questions that are unknown. 
 A family with open minded children
 Love looks good on you!
 Your happiness matters!!!
 Keep walking to your future……because it’s bright!