Kat and Tiff | RVA Engagement Session | Same Sex Wedding Photographer | Crystal Reyns Photographer

Where to begin on this couple….

They are amazing, fun, totally in love, and LOVE to flirt in front of the camera. I absolutely adored working with the couple as the camera just loves them. And I love the vintage twist to this session.

RVA was the perfect setting for this couple and that pop of red. That sunset glow just loves y’all!!

What y’all may not know is we had to cancel their session TWICE due to rain…..and seriously what a blessing that was to get this perfect day at Maymont.

K&T-7736 K&T-7737

Seriously those eye lashes though

K&T-7745 K&T-7750 K&T-7758 K&T-7768

I love their laughs

K&T-7774 K&T-7790

Love is love!!!!

K&T-7795 K&T-7817 K&T-7838 K&T-7841 K&T-7846 K&T-7857 K&T-7900 K&T-7915 K&T-7932 K&T-7954 K&T-7990 K&T-7991 K&T-7998 K&T-8003 K&T-8083 K&T-8113 K&T-8127 K&T-8135 K&T-8148

AND THEN…… the funniest part of their session:

K&T-8153 K&T-8157 K&T-8160 K&T-8166 K&T-8175 K&T-8185 K&T-8200 K&T-8205 K&T-8225 K&T-8260 K&T-8279 K&T-8290 K&T-8298 K&T-8317 K&T-8319 K&T-8321 K&T-8349 K&T-8371 K&T-8374

Thanks Kat and Tiff for being SO much fun!!!

Natalie and Gary’s Sunset Libby Hill Park Engagement | Crystal Reyns Photography | Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

Pink tulle skirt, gold sparkly shoes, and a gorgeous couple showing off their love at sunset. This Libby Hill Park session was so much fun, not only because I got to learn more about one of my 2016 couples…BUT…. because my sweets joined and actually shot this session……CRAZY right?!?!?!

Natalie and Gary spent Natalie’s last few days in Va packing up the place she called home for quite some time, to join him across the country where they see quite a bit more snow. They choose this special park where it over saw Richmond, her apartment and the James River….it was Gary’s first visit to Libby Hill and it was PERFECT for them.

Thank y’all so much for allowing us to capture this special moment, and I can’t wait until your Richmond wedding next year.








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A Gorgeous Garden Wedding l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

I have known Starry since we were kids, and being able to capture this special day was such an honor.   Starry and Mike share a special bond and love. They both adore each other to the moon and back, but most of all they are a laid back couple. Through this process I not only got to catch up with Starry, but I got to see a little into the relationship of Starry and Mike, which I took couple pictures of them YEARS ago when I was first starting to take pictures. I LOVE your love, your bond, and above all your friendship you have. 
Lewis Ginter was the PERFECT place for their ceremony. Not only wonderful backdrops, but it was quiet, serene, and just like a fairy tale. For that I couldn’t have hope for any more for Starry and Mike as y’all had a perfect wedding day!
 And this is my absolute favorite shot of the day!!!
 Starry you are STUNNING!!
 These two were SSSOOO much fun during their portrait time 🙂
 When you don’t have sparklers, use glow sticks 🙂 

 Full Vendor List:
Ceremony: Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
Reception: Tea House at Lewis Ginter
Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal
Flowers: Stranges
Cake: Cakes by Graham
DJ: Adolphus Maples
Officiant: Pastor Terry Gilbert

A RVA elopement l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

As many of you know myself and Erica have become the best gal pals through photography. We met in a photography group, and it was love at first sight…..JUST KIDDING y’all, but our friendship has only grew from there. From shooting together, being the shoulder to lean on in this business, learning from one another, and to this year even traveling to two photography workshops/ conventions.
 I got the text a fews days before this perfect day for an elopement. I was surprised and shocked, as Erica and Drew had plan to do this next year prior to their big wedding STILL planned for September of 2015, in which I am honored she asked me to be her maid of honor. So in my MOH duties OF COURSE I would want to capture this special moment for Erica and Drew. In becoming close with Erica I have learned the ins and outs of all things Erica. We seriously act like a married couple….for real…..like she knows to offer me that chap stick if she takes it out of her purse….
And her son Julian is my little boyfriend, and even responds when I call him boyfriend…..although his responses may not be as nice, but that’s okay he is Erica’s child 🙂 
In the few years of learning Erica, I have come to know many things about her and Drew and their relationship. In which I couldn’t be more excited and proud that they finally tied the knot FOR REAL!! As she has spent the past few years already calling him husband, now it’s official. As we did try to keep this surprise a secret, many caught on to our Facebook and Instagram posts…..and put two and two together.

Erica being a photographer herself, planned the day out perfect for lighting……total photographer moment. But we planned to meet 2 hours prior to the ceremony time for all these portraits all around Richmond. As she wanted to capture the town she loves with the man she loves. 

As close friends and family joined together, as they had received the ‘we are getting married’ text two days prior, we all followed Erica and Drew to the beautiful location on Libby Hill Park as to where they would pronounce their love and commitment to one another. 
 And BOOM this is the real us : LOVE YOU HOLY HIPS!! (yes I’m allowed to say that and she won’t be offended) 

Lauren’s Bridals l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

Bridals have always been my all time favorite type of session, and Lauren’s was no exception to that statement. The setting was Historic Mankin Mansion which is a beyond gorgeous venue, and also the place where she would be wed a little over a month after this session. They offer a touch of vintage with a lot of class. Totally LOVE LOVE their piano room!
Lauren’s Bridals were also featured on Pretty Pear Bride!!! 
Lauren you are GORGEOUS and make such a stunning bride!!
Her AMAZING bouquet is by Flowers by Mona Ray

Zawodny Family l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

It was such a pleasure conversing back and forth with Emily weeks prior to this session. Getting to know about her and her little family was great, and that always makes it so exciting to meet a family for the first time. All I can say is, What a sweet sweet family!!!
Their session was on the morning of Father’s Day and John was all smiles, you can clearly tell how much joy Jake brings to their life. 🙂
I absolutely LOVE mornings at Crump Park, it’s quiet and not crowded. This time of year is probably my favorite as well, as the wildflower field is in bloom. And this field makes if perfect for those summer time family portraits.
 Jake didn’t know what to think of the flowers
 Super adorable family, right?!?!?
 I love pictures where Dad is all smiles with his children!
 Emily, you are GORGEOUS!!!! And Jake is such a cutie!!
 Perfection in black and white!!
Barefeet and coveralls on little boys melt my country girl heart!
 🙂 🙂 🙂
 Cake smash time as Jake is getting ready to turn ONE!!

Priscilla & Chris Part One l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

May 24th was the perfect day for a wedding. Priscilla’s dad surely was looking out for her and Chris on their gorgeous day. A day where is was the perfect temperature, the perfect amount of sun, surround by amazing family and friends, and the perfect outdoor Wedding Venue, Dellwood Plantation.

Purple, lace, and touches of green filled all parts of this day. Set back in Chesterfield, Va, this gorgeous plantation home offers so much more than the eye can see. Dellwood Plantation is also an all inclusive venue. For Priscilla and Chris’ big day they handled the venue, catering, flowers, decor, tent, table, chairs, and the cake…….total win win right?!?!? Check out their gorgeous details:

 A special letter hand delivered from Priscilla to her groom. I got to go with her maid of honor, Megan, to capture this special moment.
 Chris is Mr. Model!!!
 Loved all these girls, so full of laughter and life on Priscilla’s special day!
 You know your bride is totally AWESOME when you ask them to get in a claw foot tub for a few images moments before they walk down the aisle, and she says YES!!
 LOVED all their details of this wedding!

A water fountain full of rose petals is a dream come true!!
 And a candy bar 🙂
 I thought it was rather special that Priscilla and Chris put picture of them throughout the years in arrangements all around the reception area. It told a bit of their love story.
 And a few of my group shots.

 Seriously how cute are they?!?!?
 Love this!!!!
 Sass it up girls!!
 By request from the bride 🙂
 More to come of these two love birds! Make sure to stay in touch on my FACEBOOK page for more of these two 🙂

Dani & Joey Engaged l Richmond, Va Wedding Photograher

Here in Va we have had some terrible amounts of rain already this year. To the point there has been flooding, road closures, and resulting in having to reschedule this session with Dani and Joey. As this date came up, myself and Dani watched the radar like crazy people, no joke! It was a monday and the percentage was hit and miss. It rained earlier that day and that weekend. We decided it was a go. We met in Glen Allen, and they session started off in full on gorgeous sun light. As we got about 35 minutes in the sky begin to darken and clouds rolled in. But because Dani and Joey are so awesome they were game on for rain shots, which it didn’t rain on us, thank the lord.

 If I can say just one thing about Dani and Joey it is they are beyond HAPPY. Happy individuals, and happy as a couple. Their love and joy shined through this whole session. We were laughing and joking the whole time. I really really enjoyed the time I got to spend with the both of them, and it makes me uber excited for Dani’s bridal portraits and their wedding day coming this Fall.

Dani, my dear, you are just stunning!!!
 Her engagement ring was Joey’s grandma, and it comes with a great proposal story as well 🙂
GAHHH that sunlight!
LOVE this too!
 Their love for one another is amazing!
 Dani your smile is contagious.
Love the way the look at each other!
 Joey is a Henrico Fire Fighter and they wanted to celebrate that during their session.
 Get it girl!!!

Ashley & Otto Married 5.3.14 l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

The day was Saturday 5.3.14. It was a perfect day for a wedding. Downtown Richmond traffic was insane, due to the bike race, but that didn’t stop the love and coming together of two awesome families to witness Ashley and Otto become one.
Linden Row Inn started to fill with friends and family, all happy faces that couldn’t wait to see Ashley walk down the aisle. A few that came in to see Ashley/ Otto while they were getting ready. As the clock got closer to 4pm you can feel the excitement rise in everyone, and then for Ashley “this is my day, I’m marrying the man of my dreams.”

 Ashley and Otto have been together for quite a few years. In learning who they are as a couple, I could not be happier for them. They play, laugh, have their inside jokes, and have the same hobbies, the kind of relationship we can all hope to have. Now in growing as their friend and watching this day unfold, it couldn’t have been more perfect for them.
 They were both all smiles walking down the aisle as husband and wife!!
 These are my FAV!
Let the dancing begin 🙂 
A special mother daughter dance, that brought myself and almost everyone to tears. Ashley’s mom was also her Matron of Honor.
At the end of the night Ashley and Otto let me sneak them away from their party for a few night shots.
 I will leave you with some words of wisdom from Ashley’s mom in her speech. “May your ups and downs only be in between the sheets” Now my PG version of this is jumping on the bed. Remember to have fun and enjoy life with your spouse!!
Venue: Linden Row Inn
Dress: Alfred Angelo
Flowers: King William Florist
Make up artist: Allen Stanley
Hair Stylist: Diane Wright
Cake: Diane Fletcher
Caterer: A Sharper Palate
DJ: Nard’s 
Officiate: Ellen Heatwole

Father Daughter Dances l Personal

I have a few moments of every single wedding that are my favorite: The first time the groom sees his gorgeous bride, Dad’s reaction to his daughter as a bride, Mom helping her baby girl get dressed, the special moments I have with just the bride and groom to capture their love right after the ceremony, and Father Daughter Dance. Truth be told I will never get to experience a father daughter dance of my own. I normally shoot all of these through tears. They are such a special moment, and seeing a father tear up leaves not a dry eye in the house. I get to live vicariously through my brides.
This past weekend my awesome bride Ashley also had a dance with her mom, and she already knew I was going to cry. As when Carrie Underwood came out with ‘Mama’s song’ I hoped to have that dance with my mom one day. Unfortunately, due to life changes in people my mother opted to no longer want to be in my life, so these moments at wedding definitely pull on my heart strings.

If you are a bride and struggling with choosing a song here are some of my favorite Father Daughter Dance songs are:
1. Tim Mcgraw: My Little Girl
2. Krystal Keith: Daddy Dance with Me
3. Butterfly Kisses
4. Collin Raye: I wish I could
5. Heartland: I Loved Her First

Here are a few father daughter images from my wedding last weekend: