A Northern Virginia Country Wedding l Northern Va, Wedding Photographer

It was a gorgeous scenic drive to East Lynn Farms for Jennifer and Grant’s Wedding. I think this day saw every weather except snow in one day, which offered some great skies. It was awesome seeing friends and family coming together to make sure the day was perfect for Jennifer and Grant.
Lots of special touches that made everything come together for this country wedding. Being a couple that hunts together, this was the PERFECT place for their special day. East Lynn Farms offered so many amazing vintage touches on the inside of the property too, which I definitely love. 
Jennifer’s gorgeous bouquet was made out of wildflowers from the farm as well. 🙂
How awesome is Grant’s ring…..it has DEER and TURKEY tracks on it…..a true country boy!!
How much are y’all loving this camo tie?!?!
Now there is quite a few things I could say about these ducks, but all I will say is that they are CRAZY, and they needed to be remembered of this day and how they sounded like they were laughing at us.

Grant and Jennifer Engaged l Northern, Va Wedding Photographer

I couldn’t wait to meet Jennifer and Grant, as sometimes we don’t meet our clients until their engagement session. Grant, had decided to help quite a bit with the wedding planning (good man) and it was his part to find a few vendors, photographer included. Our first email we connected, he had looked at my website, and read through some of my blog posts. I knew we would have so much fun during their session.

As it was a spring, semi chilly morning. I got up at 5:00 am to make the 2 hour drive to Loudon county in Northern Virginia. Grant and Jennifer had picked out a gorgeous farm for their engagement session. I have become very fond of early morning sessions for this gorgeous light!

 We even let Grant wear his hat for a few.
 I love the way they look and smile at each other!
 Life is so much better to walk through when you have a hand to hold.
 LOVED this tree!
 How perfect is this tractor, and with this lovely couple on it?!?!?
 HA HA HA I caught him sticking his tongue out at Jennifer.
Jennifer, I LOVE your smile and laugh!!! You are GORGEOUS!!
Stunning eyes and smile!!!
 I know I have read a quote somewhere that says ‘a couple that hunts together, stays together’ I think this is perfect for these two. As we walked through the field and woods to get to this location we saw quite a few critter tracks, turkey, deer, and a coon track.
 This abandon red barn was perfection!
 When you stubble upon an abandoned car, much less an imported car it’s a given that we will take pictures with it. 🙂
 REALLY REALLY cool old car!!
 Jennifer and Grant share a love for football…..BUT not for the same team. So there is a little bit of rivalry during football season.
 Congrats again Grant and Jennifer and I can not wait for your September Wedding!! 🙂