Marjorie and Matthew l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

I met Marjorie and Matthew about a year ago. They were new to the Louisa area, getting used to the country air and slow drivers. Quickly loving their love for one another, I hoped I would see them again this year. As I received a message from Marjorie for a couple session, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see and capture their fun-filled love for one another. 

 Getting ahead of the game, both wanted to go ahead and take their ‘fall’ pictures before the Fall hit. Many know I love Crump Park for the country feel, but it does have that rustic Fall feel as well, and it was perfect for this love bird session. And we didn’t have to fight the cold wind this year…..WIN WIN!
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE both Marjorie and Matthew’s laughs!!

 Last year, during their session, Matthew busted out this AWESOME tattoo… for this year we had to mix it up……this one is a keeper!!

Rebecca + Chris Engaged l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

Rebecca had contacted me a few months ago talking all things wedding and engagements…….from Florida. As they were planning a trip to Va and West Va and she wanted to make sure I got them on my books during their time here……….Total cheese-er moment for me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
We decided on a country/rustic feel to their session to add that down home romantic feeling, which fit them PERFECTLY!

I have to say is was a true pleasure to capture the love between these two, we had so much fun during their session….y’all wouldn’t have know it was hot as you know what outside.
LOVE that smile girl!!

….And just a few family photos …

Fun Sibling Session l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

As adults, it is very rare to get together with our siblings just for pictures. Honestly, this was a first for me…AND I LOVED IT!!! My first question was how did you talk everyone into this? (As I need pointers, because my brother always tells me ‘NO’) I think we should cherish every moment of our lives, and this session was beyond fun, and I know their parents will LOVE these.
Thank you all for being so much FUN!!!
 I asked the boys to act natural as if I wasn’t there to take their pictures…..and this happens…..
 Starts telling a story … a man walks into….
 With siblings this is guaranteed: You will have the ‘quiet one,’ ‘rebellious/ out of the box one,’ ‘goofy one,’ and the ‘fibber/ story teller.’
 I’ll let y’all guess which ones are which πŸ™‚
 Real life capture of sibling love πŸ™‚

Zawodny Family l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

It was such a pleasure conversing back and forth with Emily weeks prior to this session. Getting to know about her and her little family was great, and that always makes it so exciting to meet a family for the first time. All I can say is, What a sweet sweet family!!!
Their session was on the morning of Father’s Day and John was all smiles, you can clearly tell how much joy Jake brings to their life. πŸ™‚
I absolutely LOVE mornings at Crump Park, it’s quiet and not crowded. This time of year is probably my favorite as well, as the wildflower field is in bloom. And this field makes if perfect for those summer time family portraits.
 Jake didn’t know what to think of the flowers
 Super adorable family, right?!?!?
 I love pictures where Dad is all smiles with his children!
 Emily, you are GORGEOUS!!!! And Jake is such a cutie!!
 Perfection in black and white!!
Barefeet and coveralls on little boys melt my country girl heart!
 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
 Cake smash time as Jake is getting ready to turn ONE!!

Spring Minis l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

This past Sunday I hosted my first set of minis of the year….SPRING ONES!!! And boy oh boy was it the perfect day for these sessions. The morning was crisp and so quiet, and they even had some of the animals out at the park. I didn’t realize until all my sessions were done, but all of my families all have little boys….LOL. All of these boys are all so full of life, which to me is so precious.

 Absolutely LOVE Luke’s wild man hair.
 Noah in all of his cuteness, even if he didn’t want to smile. πŸ™‚
 He wanted to play peek a boo instead
 Aren’t Mom and Dad so cute??

The Carter’s:
 Can you believe Trey is only 4, look at how tall he is…

 The Place’s:
Happiest baby award goes to Jaiden!!
 I wish I had a behind the scenes picture to these, as I got to hold Jaiden on my left hip, and was still able to capture a few pictures for just mom and dad. πŸ™‚
 And he will be celebrating his ONE year birthday soon πŸ™‚
 And sometimes you just have to let moments happen…….

The Wright’s:
LOVED Hunter in his little hat.
 This is what Hunter really thought about pictures……and why I absolutely LOVE toddlers, they are going to just be themselves 100%

Thank you all for coming out for these minis, I had so much fun with y’all.

Sharpe Family l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

I have known this family for quite some time as Crysty was my college roommate at Virginia Tech. It was so great to start my New Year out with seeing this whole family together.

It wasn’t exactly freezing, but it wasn’t summer either as we met at Crump Park in Glen Allen, Va. I must say in the shade with was quite a few degrees cooler than where we all parked. This was a gift for Crysty’s mom, Tina, as I can understand it is hard getting the whole family together as we all get older and our lives get busy.

The whole Sharpe Clan

 Tina with her kiddos, and grandbabies
 Grandma and grand-babies

 Tina and ALL her kids.

 Siblings and their families

 Daddy’s girl

Robert and Kiely

LOVE this one!!!

 Crysty and Eli

Ashley and Otto Engaged l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

I met Ashley and Otto earlier this year after lots of emails back and forth between myself and Ashley. I couldn’t wait to meet this young couple so in love, and she was so excited to work with me as she had followed my work for awhile (huge compliment from her πŸ™‚ yes it made me blush). They are set to tie the knot in May of 2014, and decided to do their engagements during the peak of Fall, and how perfect this morning was minus the cold.

The morning of their engagements may have been one of the coldest days yet, but Ashley still rocked a dress and still managed to give the camera superb model face without shivering. A huge kudos to her too was that she has just gotten off a 13 hour shift from work over night, she’s a total rock star!!!


 Look at how cute they are!!!

 I LOVE capturing LOVE!!!!

Her eyes are to die for even in black and white!


 That’s right they are BOTH Redskins fans, no house divided here. πŸ™‚
 AAAAWWWWW this totally makes me smile every time I see this image, so candid and perfect!

 One last outfit change, I think this set is my favorite!!

 Ashley you are STUNNING!!
Even Otto has an awesome model face πŸ™‚ 

Jessica & William l Glen Allen, Va Portrait Photographer

Jessica and Willy were the winner of my couples session give-a-way. They worked quite hard for all their votes, and it definitely paid off. I wanted this session to portray more of my style with couples, which if you have followed my work it has come to be quite grounded around a romance feel. I personally love being in the presence of all love. There is nothing better in the world, and when I am editing images that portray just that I find myself in an awe, smiling, and sometimes in happy tears. Jessica and Willy have been in love for years, its just strayed apart for a few years, but they both knew deep inside where their hearts were. I hope y’all love these images as much as I do, and you see how happy they are to be together and living what is true to their hearts. I’m sure their August wedding will be full of happiness. πŸ™‚

Jessica and Willy were such troopers, they got up at the crack of dawn to start their session at 7:30 on a Sunday. Not many people are willing to take pictures at this time, and this was a first time for me, and I must say I am in LOVE with the lighting. They also were so patient in waiting for this field to be in full bloom, thank you guys so much. Our session included lots of gnats, wet grass, and standing in muddy areas, good thing we are raised in the country and don’t mind being bare foot. πŸ™‚



 OH SO LOVE this one too!

 Get it girl!

Nikki & Jamie MARRIED 6.8.13 l Glen Allen, Va Wedding Photographer

I have known Nikki for quite a few years, and we have caught up through past weddings where she was a bridesmaid or guest, a couple session with Jamie before they were engaged, and a family session with her family. Her mom, Becky, contacted me shortly after they had gotten engaged for
pricing and contracts. I have to give Becky mad props for getting this
whole wedding together, she should so be a wedding planner, and she did
all the hair as well.

Jamie and Nikki planned a wonderful backyard wedding, with the entrance up the driveway covered in heart balloons. I had never seen this done before, and it was so cute. If y’all live in central VA, you know we got hit pretty hard with tropical storm Andrea Friday and Saturday morning. You could understand everyone’s nerves the morning as it is pouring rain. About 1:00 the rain stopped and the cloudy began to open up to let the sun through.

As the girls were finishing getting ready, I think this is when the nerves begin to set in. The guests begin to take their seats patiently waiting for the blushing bride to come down the isle with her dad. And when she came into clear viewing I don’t think there was a dry eye, as this was very emotional for not only her mom, but also her dad. Vows were exchanged, then rings, they choose for a beautiful sand ceremony…..then its the KISS!!! We kept the family photos to a minimum as it was rather hot and humid, and I am so thankful we planned for sunset bride and groom images to give it time to cool off. As MR & MRS BROWN were introduced into their reception they went straight into their first dance, then an emotional father/ daughter dance (Tim McGraw’s My little girl, always gets me), a special mother and son dance. With the special love that Nikki and Becky have, of course she had to do
something special for her Mom. She planned a mother-daughter dance,
that Becky had no idea it was planned. This was such an emotional dance
for EVERYONE, including me, and a very special moment of Nikki and
Jamie’s Day.

Congrats Nikki and Jamie, y’all have so much fun in the Bahamas on your Honeymoon. 

Caterer: Wayside Chicken and friends/family
DJ: Doug (Scoots) Davis
Cupcakes: Amy Mitchell Moore
Dress/ bridesmaids dresses/ hair piece: David’s Bridal 
Hair: Salon B’SU 
Makeup: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics – Allen Stanley

Marshal Wedding 5.4.13 l Glen Allen, Va Wedding Photographer Second shooter

On May 4th I had the pleasure of second shooting with Dirt Road Photography during the Marshall Wedding at Virginia Cliffe Inn, gorgeous venue if I must say so myself. This was the first time I got to visit this venue, although I had drove past it many times.

I got to hang out with the guys while they got ready before the ceremony. This was a fun wedding party, and laid back gentlemen. The ceremony was held on the lawn in front of the house, during the perfect hour. The sun came through the trees right before the exchanging of rings and that first kiss as husband and wife, it was rather breath taking. After the ceremony, I got to tag along with Casey to get to know the happy couple a little better and snap a few images on this gorgeous property. Here is a few of my images, but make sure to go check out their blog from Dirt Road Photography at:

 Check out Casey’s Page on Facebook: Dirt Road Photography