Kat and Tiff | RVA Engagement Session | Same Sex Wedding Photographer | Crystal Reyns Photographer

Where to begin on this couple….

They are amazing, fun, totally in love, and LOVE to flirt in front of the camera. I absolutely adored working with the couple as the camera just loves them. And I love the vintage twist to this session.

RVA was the perfect setting for this couple and that pop of red. That sunset glow just loves y’all!!

What y’all may not know is we had to cancel their session TWICE due to rain…..and seriously what a blessing that was to get this perfect day at Maymont.

K&T-7736 K&T-7737

Seriously those eye lashes though

K&T-7745 K&T-7750 K&T-7758 K&T-7768

I love their laughs

K&T-7774 K&T-7790

Love is love!!!!

K&T-7795 K&T-7817 K&T-7838 K&T-7841 K&T-7846 K&T-7857 K&T-7900 K&T-7915 K&T-7932 K&T-7954 K&T-7990 K&T-7991 K&T-7998 K&T-8003 K&T-8083 K&T-8113 K&T-8127 K&T-8135 K&T-8148

AND THEN…… the funniest part of their session:

K&T-8153 K&T-8157 K&T-8160 K&T-8166 K&T-8175 K&T-8185 K&T-8200 K&T-8205 K&T-8225 K&T-8260 K&T-8279 K&T-8290 K&T-8298 K&T-8317 K&T-8319 K&T-8321 K&T-8349 K&T-8371 K&T-8374

Thanks Kat and Tiff for being SO much fun!!!

Rebecca + Chris Engaged l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

Rebecca had contacted me a few months ago talking all things wedding and engagements…….from Florida. As they were planning a trip to Va and West Va and she wanted to make sure I got them on my books during their time here……….Total cheese-er moment for me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
We decided on a country/rustic feel to their session to add that down home romantic feeling, which fit them PERFECTLY!

I have to say is was a true pleasure to capture the love between these two, we had so much fun during their session….y’all wouldn’t have know it was hot as you know what outside.
LOVE that smile girl!!

….And just a few family photos …

Grant and Jennifer Engaged l Northern, Va Wedding Photographer

I couldn’t wait to meet Jennifer and Grant, as sometimes we don’t meet our clients until their engagement session. Grant, had decided to help quite a bit with the wedding planning (good man) and it was his part to find a few vendors, photographer included. Our first email we connected, he had looked at my website, and read through some of my blog posts. I knew we would have so much fun during their session.

As it was a spring, semi chilly morning. I got up at 5:00 am to make the 2 hour drive to Loudon county in Northern Virginia. Grant and Jennifer had picked out a gorgeous farm for their engagement session. I have become very fond of early morning sessions for this gorgeous light!

 We even let Grant wear his hat for a few.
 I love the way they look and smile at each other!
 Life is so much better to walk through when you have a hand to hold.
 LOVED this tree!
 How perfect is this tractor, and with this lovely couple on it?!?!?
 HA HA HA I caught him sticking his tongue out at Jennifer.
Jennifer, I LOVE your smile and laugh!!! You are GORGEOUS!!
Stunning eyes and smile!!!
 I know I have read a quote somewhere that says ‘a couple that hunts together, stays together’ I think this is perfect for these two. As we walked through the field and woods to get to this location we saw quite a few critter tracks, turkey, deer, and a coon track.
 This abandon red barn was perfection!
 When you stubble upon an abandoned car, much less an imported car it’s a given that we will take pictures with it. πŸ™‚
 REALLY REALLY cool old car!!
 Jennifer and Grant share a love for football…..BUT not for the same team. So there is a little bit of rivalry during football season.
 Congrats again Grant and Jennifer and I can not wait for your September Wedding!! πŸ™‚

Dani & Joey Engaged l Richmond, Va Wedding Photograher

Here in Va we have had some terrible amounts of rain already this year. To the point there has been flooding, road closures, and resulting in having to reschedule this session with Dani and Joey. As this date came up, myself and Dani watched the radar like crazy people, no joke! It was a monday and the percentage was hit and miss. It rained earlier that day and that weekend. We decided it was a go. We met in Glen Allen, and they session started off in full on gorgeous sun light. As we got about 35 minutes in the sky begin to darken and clouds rolled in. But because Dani and Joey are so awesome they were game on for rain shots, which it didn’t rain on us, thank the lord.

 If I can say just one thing about Dani and Joey it is they are beyond HAPPY. Happy individuals, and happy as a couple. Their love and joy shined through this whole session. We were laughing and joking the whole time. I really really enjoyed the time I got to spend with the both of them, and it makes me uber excited for Dani’s bridal portraits and their wedding day coming this Fall.

Dani, my dear, you are just stunning!!!
 Her engagement ring was Joey’s grandma, and it comes with a great proposal story as well πŸ™‚
GAHHH that sunlight!
LOVE this too!
 Their love for one another is amazing!
 Dani your smile is contagious.
Love the way the look at each other!
 Joey is a Henrico Fire Fighter and they wanted to celebrate that during their session.
 Get it girl!!!

Ashley & Ethan l Sweetheart Session l Louisa, Va Engagement

Do you remember Snowmegedon in Virginia last Thursday? Most folks stayed in and warm that day and enjoyed a day off from school and work. Myself and Ashley decided this would be perfect for their sweetheart session that they had won.

Thankful for 4 wheel drive this day, as where we live we had gotten a good 10-11 inched of snow, and our roads were never touched by vdot in any way. When arriving to the location I had to “guess” where the safe zone was to drive. It was still snowing, raining, sleeting at the time of Ashley and Ethan’s session, and no doubt it was freezing. Being the amazing sports that they are, they totally rocked their session even if it was precipitating.

OKAY….now I need to go back just a little bit with their story. I met Ashley a few weeks after one of my lovely brides told me her friend was going to propose to his girlfriend. The night I met Ashley she whispered to me ‘that’s her.’ I was so excited for her, as to what was coming for her. Such a vibrant fun loving girl, with the most amazing smile and heart, I knew she would be so excited!! That night she was telling me how she entered my half off sweetheart session, all about her email to me, and how she and Ethan hoped to win………Her email was the sweetest and they won πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 

We started their session off with a little hot chocolate.

HOW AMAZING is her ring?!?!?!?

I love their height difference and how cute they are together.


LOVE the way he looks at her.

Ashley you are GORGEOUS!!!

Another FAV!

I love with my clients get to bring their pets to their sessions πŸ™‚

And they got yummy red velvet cupcakes for braving the cold with me πŸ™‚

Ashley and Otto Engaged l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

I met Ashley and Otto earlier this year after lots of emails back and forth between myself and Ashley. I couldn’t wait to meet this young couple so in love, and she was so excited to work with me as she had followed my work for awhile (huge compliment from her πŸ™‚ yes it made me blush). They are set to tie the knot in May of 2014, and decided to do their engagements during the peak of Fall, and how perfect this morning was minus the cold.

The morning of their engagements may have been one of the coldest days yet, but Ashley still rocked a dress and still managed to give the camera superb model face without shivering. A huge kudos to her too was that she has just gotten off a 13 hour shift from work over night, she’s a total rock star!!!


 Look at how cute they are!!!

 I LOVE capturing LOVE!!!!

Her eyes are to die for even in black and white!


 That’s right they are BOTH Redskins fans, no house divided here. πŸ™‚
 AAAAWWWWW this totally makes me smile every time I see this image, so candid and perfect!

 One last outfit change, I think this set is my favorite!!

 Ashley you are STUNNING!!
Even Otto has an awesome model face πŸ™‚ 

Rikki and Steven Engaged l Louisa, Va Wedding Photographer

Who doesn’t love a happy couple? Rikki and Steven are the cutest, this whole engagement session was nothing but laughs and anyone can see the joy they bring each other in these images as they are naturals.

We had to bump up their engagement session, as they moved their wedding date from 2014 to this year. My fall has filled up way faster than expected, but I was able to fit them in on such short notice, and boy was it a perfect evening. We choose a local vineyard right outside of the town of Louisa, as they are planning a country themed wedding, this location fit them perfectly. Plus they love to kayak so we also used those during their session, and yes those are Steven’s favorite pictures. πŸ™‚

Rikki and Steven I look forward to your November wedding. πŸ™‚

Lauren and Ben’s Nags Head, NC Engagement Session

I first met Lauren and Ben at a wedding I was shooting last October. Ben seemed to be really quiet and myself and Lauren clicked instantly, I mean who would love someone in bright blue platform wedge heels, right?

Lauren’s nicknamed Diva, and that is how I know her. She is a bright, bubbly, colorful, beautiful woman that dances to the beat of her own drum, and I just love her to pieces. We planned out this engagement session months ago, from the accessories to the locations it was planned. The day of this engagement session was rather windy, but I knew they could rock it.

I didn’t want the normal just on the beach pictures for Lauren, I wanted something different and something that you don’t see very often. So we planned to do part of their session inside of the Bodie Island lighthouse, and I couldn’t be more happy with the result of these, even though we had to listen and follow the dang tour just to go inside.

Thank you so much Lauren and Ben for sharing this evening with me in Nags Head, it was definitely a pleasure. I am so looking forward to your bridal session and your May wedding. πŸ™‚



 LOVE her ring!!!

 The greatest catch of his life!!! πŸ™‚


 Oh Dive, get it!!
 Love this with the fish hooks.

 Isn’t she the cutest?!?!?!

 Diva you are stunning!

 It was VERY windy on top of the lighthouse, but they were troopers.

 Model status!

Jessica & William l Glen Allen, Va Portrait Photographer

Jessica and Willy were the winner of my couples session give-a-way. They worked quite hard for all their votes, and it definitely paid off. I wanted this session to portray more of my style with couples, which if you have followed my work it has come to be quite grounded around a romance feel. I personally love being in the presence of all love. There is nothing better in the world, and when I am editing images that portray just that I find myself in an awe, smiling, and sometimes in happy tears. Jessica and Willy have been in love for years, its just strayed apart for a few years, but they both knew deep inside where their hearts were. I hope y’all love these images as much as I do, and you see how happy they are to be together and living what is true to their hearts. I’m sure their August wedding will be full of happiness. πŸ™‚

Jessica and Willy were such troopers, they got up at the crack of dawn to start their session at 7:30 on a Sunday. Not many people are willing to take pictures at this time, and this was a first time for me, and I must say I am in LOVE with the lighting. They also were so patient in waiting for this field to be in full bloom, thank you guys so much. Our session included lots of gnats, wet grass, and standing in muddy areas, good thing we are raised in the country and don’t mind being bare foot. πŸ™‚



 OH SO LOVE this one too!

 Get it girl!

June 2013 Wedding Specials for NEW brides l Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

WOOOOO another Monday…..hehehehe. If you follow my Facebook, Friday you may have noticed I put up a new timeline cover that stated I would be having wedding specials this month for new brides.

I am excited to announce that this is very true, and live for this month only.

I absolutely LOVE wedding days, the excitement and being in the presence of love is the BEST!! I do like to work with the bride on her timeline to ensure we have enough time for bride and groom pictures, as that is what I pride myself on during a wedding day. The few moments I have with the bride and groom is unforgettable, and sometimes the only time they get during the wedding just to themselves. Getting to capture the love that they share during their special day is timeless to me, and I remember these moments from every wedding, looking back on every wedding these moments still make me smile during the darkest days. 

Book during this month for your perfect day, and earn some FREE products. πŸ™‚ ALL Weddings booked during JUNE 2013 will also get a complimentary ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SESSION!!!

As my 2013 calendar is filling, I do still have a few dates for late summer and fall weddings. πŸ™‚

Contact me at clreyns@gmail.com to set up a consultation to discuss your special day today.