Dani & Joey Engaged l Richmond, Va Wedding Photograher

Here in Va we have had some terrible amounts of rain already this year. To the point there has been flooding, road closures, and resulting in having to reschedule this session with Dani and Joey. As this date came up, myself and Dani watched the radar like crazy people, no joke! It was a monday and the percentage was hit and miss. It rained earlier that day and that weekend. We decided it was a go. We met in Glen Allen, and they session started off in full on gorgeous sun light. As we got about 35 minutes in the sky begin to darken and clouds rolled in. But because Dani and Joey are so awesome they were game on for rain shots, which it didn’t rain on us, thank the lord.

 If I can say just one thing about Dani and Joey it is they are beyond HAPPY. Happy individuals, and happy as a couple. Their love and joy shined through this whole session. We were laughing and joking the whole time. I really really enjoyed the time I got to spend with the both of them, and it makes me uber excited for Dani’s bridal portraits and their wedding day coming this Fall.

Dani, my dear, you are just stunning!!!
 Her engagement ring was Joey’s grandma, and it comes with a great proposal story as well 🙂
GAHHH that sunlight!
LOVE this too!
 Their love for one another is amazing!
 Dani your smile is contagious.
Love the way the look at each other!
 Joey is a Henrico Fire Fighter and they wanted to celebrate that during their session.
 Get it girl!!!

Ashley’s Bridal Session l Goochland, Va Wedding Photographer

It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE bridal sessions, but I must say this year I love them ten times more. Now that Ashley and Otto are married, I can finally share these gorgeous portraits with everyone.

Ashley choose a venue that was beyond gorgeous, and portrayed her country girl side. It offered a red barn, chickens, and lovely sun light. Ashley also brought some of her own props……which I would rather you see in pictures, I don’t want to ruin the surprise on those.

 Goregous bouquet by King William Florist

 Makeup Artist is the Ah-mazing Allen Stanley
 She has the most amazing blue eyes EVER!!!
 Ashley LOVES softball, and after her bridal session she surely did go to her softball games, but not in her dress.
 And then she busted out the gun….that’s my girl!!! 🙂
 AAAANNNNDDDD some Tequila…..now we are talking!!
 AMAZINGLY yummy light
 LOVE this in black and white.
 For these last shots, I will not spill the beans on where we had to go and what followed, but it was ALL worth it for these field shots. 🙂