Sawyer is ONE | Personal | Dog Cake Smash | Crystal Reyns Photography

I know y’all see me post quite a few cake smashes through out the year. Y’all know I LOVE them. And I LOVE my fur babies…. so for our little guy Sawyer we HAD to do a cake smash.

He had his first studio session the day after we got him, he was 8 weeks new, and what seems to be so tiny compared to now. Back then he was calm, sleepy, and not the most coordinated. We began a hashtag to follow his grow and it was so fun to watch over the past year. #watchsawyergrow

NOW being the bit ONE, he is SSSSSOOOOOO energetic, which is a huge change from having lazy pugs. He is a morning dog and doesn’t let us sleep in, he listens pretty well, he loves to chase ANYTHING that will move, including all his fur brothers, a ball is his best friend, and he still loves to cuddle he just doesn’t know his size.

So March 24th 2016, happiest of birthday to our biggest baby Mister Sawyer Duke!!!!

Here is the many faces of Sawyer:

        SawyerONE-7275     SawyerONE-7284  SawyerONE-7290 SawyerONE-7291    SawyerONE-7297

And this DOG cake 🙂 It is made from bananas, peanut butter, flour and eggs. The icing the greek yogurt chips melted……easy peeeeezzzzyyy and they LOVED it!

 SawyerONE-7453 SawyerONE-7458 SawyerONE-7463 SawyerONE-7481

And he was afraid of it…..I guess he thought he would get in trouble LOL

SawyerONE-7487 SawyerONE-7492 SawyerONE-7520 SawyerONE-7528 SawyerONE-7530 SawyerONE-7534 SawyerONE-7547 SawyerONE-7549 SawyerONE-7553 SawyerONE-7554 SawyerONE-7555 SawyerONE-7570 SawyerONE-7574 SawyerONE-7575

Where have I been in 2016 | Personal | Catch up| Crystal Reyns Photography

I haven’t blogged in so long…….YIKES…. I apologize guys!!!!

A few have asked where have I been…

Well I took a nice break during what we call our ‘slow season.’

From January to now, we have been cracking down on our wedding planning and we have gotten a lot done, which a blog will be coming on the ins and outs of wedding planning and how NOT to let it get the best of you. I have said YES TO THE DRESS over at my favorite bridal shop, Urban Set bride and couldn’t be more proud to be an urban set bride!!!

We had a fun snowed in weekend with the blizzard, which I would normally venture out into and want to shoot kids, families, baby bumps…..but for once I wanted to be at home cuddled up and just watching the snow and able to take it in without ‘working.’

Traveling, y’all know I love to travel. We spent a nice weekend away at a wonder bed and breakfast in the mountains. I’ll tell y’all what, I think EVERYONE should put that on your bucket list if you haven’t. I know I want to do it again already.

I decided to take a day position at a wonderful company, and I am loving…. BUT that isn’t slowing down the wedding season or sessions, as my weekends are still for photography and some for living 🙂  I will gladly say that the 2016 WEDDING SEASON IS FULLY BOOKED as well, and we have already started BOOKING for 2017!!

Like most families we have been dealing with quite a bit of winter sickness and that didn’t leave me out this year. From a little cold to now bronchitis right before the beginning of my season. Thankfully I have an amazing doctor that wants to nip it in the bud as much as I do…..shout out to Stacy at Va family practice….thanks girl!!!

And last but not least….we decided to add another one to our family….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

MEET Kevin…..(as in kevin bacon):

KEVIN-7187 KEVIN-7196 KEVIN-7200 KEVIN-7212 KEVIN-7214

And lets not leave out mister Sawyer, as he will be turning a YEAR this month…..which means a special shoot just for this big boy. And look at the size difference from him to kevin……and yes he did try to eat him…..but NO PIGS were harmed!!!!


2015 year end review | Crystal Reyns Photography

It has been one AMAZING year. Full of weddings, maternity, family sessions, THREE styled shoots, and lots of beyond amazing clients!!!

A year I became a bride to be as well, and I love my brides and vendors helping me out on planning my own wedding!

Thank you all for allowing me to capture your life and supporting my small business!!!


View More: Camdynne-2746 A-Maternity-0565 Dani-3061 Henshaw-5587 j&S-8311 K&J-6781 K&J-6786 K&J-8150 Kelsey-1338 k&m-4413 k&m-4543 Kristen-8231 L&S-1926 L&A-proof-0275 L&A-proof-9300 M&J-5005 M&J-5071 M&J-3587 M&C-4752 M&C-4841 M&C-6003 M&N-0769 N&M-0317 Brycen2-3492 T&C-2355 T&C-3087 T&C-3253 K&S-7362 Barlow-9306 Barlow-9373 Miller-5129 B&R-6890 B&R-7009 Bonovitch-6592 Breeden-3534 Clark-1660 Clark-1747 Clark-2432 Clark-2436 Lauren-0711-2 Lauren-0862 M&D-9423 M&D-9603 M&D-9680 M&D-9774 Morgan-0031 Hurt-8336 N&M-0510 N&M-9505 N&M-9524 Raegan-6932 S&C-8802 S&C-8934 Brycen-9226-2 Brycen-9254 T&A-5629 T&A-5922 T&A-5968 Alvis-0670 Alvis-0685 ROC-7398 Shayna-1012 Shayna-1155 Chachi15-7886 Nagshead-3061 Sawyer-8weeks-2547 Shutterfest15-7605 Shutterfest15-7717 Shutterfest15-7860 dogs-1460 dogs-1541 styledshoot-7122 styledshoot-7373 styledshoot-7776 styledshoot-7799

M&D-2035 M&D-1855 M&D-1128 Olivia-4709 M&D-2586 M&D-2130 M&D-2076 Breedlove-5639 Breedlove-5570 Olivia-5008 Olivia-4797 N&G-1355 Blog1 Breedlove-5705 Bohostyledshoot-6412 Bohostyledshoot-6183 styledshoot-6328 Bohostyledshoot-6298 Bohostyledshoot-6055 N&G-1582 Jace-8931 Moore-7051 Cam-7086 Palmerfamily-9124 Jace-9038 Knighton-1967 Cari-1770 Cari-1733 Lauren-1037 AD Mallory-1374 Mallory-1361 Knighton-2205 Knighton-2169 Pancham-1698 Pancham-1675 A&T-1624 Mallory-1393 Brycen-6400 T&C-8725 Pumpkinpatch-8480 tanya-6575 Brycen-6411 tanya-6564 Noble-4152 15petxmas-6384 Brandy-2127 Brandy-1983 Urbansetbride-7872 Urbansetbride-7826    Noble-4390 Noble-4373      Noble-4201

View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: studio-7978 studio-8005 Stacy-8149 Natalie-8676 M&D-4265 M&D-4375

Christmas Studio Minis | Louisa, Va Family and Pet Photographer

Christmas time is HERE!!!


I know it is not Thanksgiving yet, but I am so excited to set up the studio for minis this year.

I will be offering FIVE different backdrops, a choice of TWO per each mini session. Whether you like a rustic feel, twinkling lights, traditional fireplace, or a christmas tree…we have it all. 🙂

Minis this year will begin November 22nd and will end December 13th. Times will be available during the week by appointment only. Investment: Session fee $35 with a minimum $100 print purchase (meaning my normal studio session price BUT you are getting those prints for Christmas and digital negatives….WIN WIN:)

A NEW offer this year is PET CHRISTMAS MINIS…..don’t leave out the fur babies, PET MINIS will be December 6th and each fur baby will get a take home ‘treat.’  Investment for pet minis is: $50 and will include treat bag and digital negatives.

Brycen-6400 Brycen-6411 tanya-6564 Brycen-6411 Brycen-6459 Brycen-6498 Brycen-6516 tanya-6566 tanya-6575

First family portraits | Adoption | Louisa, Va Family Photographer


This adorable family, on their family farm, and that gorgeous light!!!!

I have absolutely loved following and capturing this family’s special story. Lacey and Steven are huge inspirations to couples in our small town that have and are battling with conceiving. Lacey opened up recently about their struggles, and I love the support that she has received and how she is able to lift other couples up with hope with sharing their story.

They wished, hoped, and prayed for Jace….for FIVE years. This year Lacey and Steven received the blessing of adoption of this sweet, adorable, baby boy. I was able to capture their adoption announcement earlier this year, and it was announced in a slideshow to one of Lacey’s favorite songs, Overloaded. View it here.

As the due date came quick, Lacey and I stayed in touch as she knew she wanted to capture their first family portraits soon after bringing this bundle of joy home. We planned the location, the time, and date. What I didn’t plan was to fall completely in love with this adorable chunky baby. He is PERFECT! And now their family is even more perfect with this addition.

Lacey shared her adoption story on Beauty and Lifestyle Magazine (view story here) and it is an inspiring story, but get your tissues out ladies.

Jace-8953 Jace-8949 Jace-8936 Jace-8928 Jace-8931 Palmerfamily-9124 Palmerfamily-9111 Jace-9174 Jace-9161 Jace-9138 Jace-9086 Jace-9058 Jace-9038 Jace-9026 Jace-9021 Jace-9012 Jace-9007 Jace-8998 Jace-8991 Jace-8981 Jace-8973 Jace-8957

Natalie and Gary’s Sunset Libby Hill Park Engagement | Crystal Reyns Photography | Richmond, Va Wedding Photographer

Pink tulle skirt, gold sparkly shoes, and a gorgeous couple showing off their love at sunset. This Libby Hill Park session was so much fun, not only because I got to learn more about one of my 2016 couples…BUT…. because my sweets joined and actually shot this session……CRAZY right?!?!?!

Natalie and Gary spent Natalie’s last few days in Va packing up the place she called home for quite some time, to join him across the country where they see quite a bit more snow. They choose this special park where it over saw Richmond, her apartment and the James River….it was Gary’s first visit to Libby Hill and it was PERFECT for them.

Thank y’all so much for allowing us to capture this special moment, and I can’t wait until your Richmond wedding next year.








N&G-1476 blog4


blog5 N&G-1531blog6 N&G-1544N&G-1582blog7           N&G-1636

Bella + Addy | Sisters in the Sunflower field | Crystal Reyns Photography | Louisa, Va family photographer

It is hard to grasp that this was the third year in a row that I have captured this sister duo in the sunflower field. The first year Miss Addy was still a baby, and Bella was just a toddler. To last year where Addy was a little spit fire and wanted nothing to do with being in front of the camera…….Where has the time gone?

This year these girls were just precious. Addy was all about showing her sass off, but only after her big sister, Bella, showed her how it was done. And their love…..OMG…. Addy just adores her big sister and wants to follow her everywhere, and Bella is such a lover with an amazing heart, how did she just start elementary school?!?!?!

These little country girls are just the cutest! Their parents are doing it right by letting them love the country outdoors while being barefoot beauties.

Breedlove-5555 Breedlove-5570 Breedlove-5514 Breedlove-5506 Breedlove-5500 Breedlove-5477 Breedlove-5458 Breedlove-5587 Breedlove-5591 Breedlove-5639 Breedlove-5633  Breedlove-5618 Breedlove-5655 Breedlove-5711 Breedlove-5705 Breedlove-5703 Breedlove-5698 Breedlove-5686 Breedlove-5680 Breedlove-5659

Olivia turns ONE | Crystal Reyns Photography | Richmond, Va Family Photographer

Today I decided to fill the blog with some one year old cuteness.

Miss Olivia was such a ham for the camera. As soon as she saw the camera she was smiling and waving, and how can you not love those two bottom teeth?!?!?! But for real, a little girl after my own heart. She had us all laughing and smiling.

We met at Byrd Park in Richmond, Va. Mom, Dad, and grandparents were all great helpers in this session. I have to give credit to mom, she was well prepared and I loved all of her outfits and props……and mom even made the cake for the cake smash 🙂

Cake smash and sequin never looked so good!!!!


Olivia-4705 Olivia-4709 Olivia-4752 Olivia-4753 Olivia-4761 Olivia-4762 Olivia-4781 Olivia-4785 Olivia-4797 Olivia-4816 Olivia-4817 Olivia-4839 Olivia-4881 Olivia-4896 Olivia-4903 Olivia-4910 Olivia-4923 Olivia-4963 Olivia-4986 Olivia-4989

Molly & David Married i Crystal Reyns Photography i Fredericksburg, Va Wedding Photographer

WWWWOOOOOO! Molly and David are wed and enjoying the married life.


This was the perfect day at Stevenson Ridge, and what a WONDERFUL venue with perfect lighting. I had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about Molly and David during their engagement session, but I loved that the DJ interviewed them prior to the ceremony and let their friends and family hear all about their love story during the reception.

Molly and David were high school sweet hearts that both graduated from Va Tech, WWWWHHHHHOOOOPPPPP! (way to my hokie heart right there) David proposed to Molly after their first marathon, which Molly had first read about this idea to David from a fitness magazine. They planned the perfect wedding just a few months after Molly graduated from Grad school at Va Tech with her Masters. Their wedding day was filled with DIY projects, and Molly you did an AMAZING job with all of these projects. Gold wine bottles, shadow boxes on each table that told their wedding story, chalk board signs, seating chart, and a photo gallery for walking down the aisle.

Stevenson Ridge is GORGEOUS!!! The ceremony took place water side with the right amount of shading for the guests. This venue has a number of cabins that are from all over Virginia and has quite the historic background. We were able to visit the post office cabin for a few of Molly and David’s portraits, and they turned out to be some of my favorites!!

The bride and groom entered their reception only in the best way known in hokie world…..ENTER SANDMAN!!!!

Vendor List:

Venue: Stevenson Ridge

Dress and bridesmaid dresses: Ava Laurenne Bridal

Florist: Westwood’s Florist

Cake: The Icing

Caterer: Country Lane Catering

DJ: Eric Herod entertainment

Tux: Men’s Warehouse

M&D-0953M&D-0951M&D-0949M&D-0698 M&D-0880 M&D-0876M&D-0939M&D-0913M&D-0910M&D-0906M&D-0899M&D-0893M&D-0888M&D-0886M&D-0885M&D-0880 M&D-0870 M&D-0852 M&D-0847 M&D-0843 M&D-0833 M&D-0821 M&D-0801 M&D-0796 M&D-0786 M&D-0785 M&D-0775 M&D-0774 M&D-0766 M&D-0763 M&D-0754 M&D-0752 M&D-0747 M&D-0744 M&D-0736 M&D-0729 M&D-0726 M&D-0724 M&D-0702 M&D-0699M&D-0979M&D-1001M&D-1012M&D-1014M&D-1038M&D-1093M&D-1123



M&D-1633M&D-1820M&D-1806 M&D-1820 M&D-1827 M&D-1836M&D-1855M&D-1865M&D-1883M&D-1889M&D-1902



M&D-2021 M&D-2035 M&D-2039 M&D-2052 M&D-2055 M&D-2067 M&D-2076 M&D-2087 M&D-2098 M&D-2101 M&D-2104 M&D-2118 M&D-2122 M&D-2130 M&D-2132 M&D-2139 M&D-2141 M&D-2151 M&D-2158 M&D-2167 M&D-2178

M&D-2237 M&D-2524 M&D-2532 M&D-2544 M&D-2586 M&D-2595 M&D-2638 M&D-2641

M&D-2734 M&D-2770 M&D-2800 M&D-2806 M&D-2817 M&D-2866 M&D-2916 M&D-2945 M&D-2965 M&D-3060 M&D-3120 M&D-3170 M&D-3180 M&D-3203 M&D-3207 M&D-3281 M&D-3326 M&D-3431

Camdynne’s Fall Bridal Portraits l Louisa, Va Wedding Photographer

When thinking back on Camdynne’s bridal session, all I can think is perfection. It was a gorgeous Fall day, rather warm for the time of year, and we picked a perfect setting which happened to be a friend’s farm in Madison. On the drive to Madison we actually stopped at two locations as well, which I’m thankful to have such laid back brides that are okay with my crazy ideas like this. 🙂 
Camdynne’s dress is AMAZING!!!! Perfect for her! Perfect for fall! And Perfect for a country setting! 
 And that smile says it all 🙂
 Friendliest horses EVER!
 The one shot I KNEW I wanted during sunset 🙂 🙂 
 And just a few after sun set images as well 🙂