A Pumpkin Patch announcement | Ashland, Va Family Photographer

Fall has always been my favorite season. In photography it is my busiest, funnest season. I get to meet new families, visit some of my favorite fall spots, and catch up with families I see every year some that may be past bride and grooms. I get to watch and capture families growing and that in itself is such a blessing.

This particular session we had been planning for a few weeks. I got the exciting text on a week day and I had to hold back tears because I knew this wonderful CRP-Bride wanted to add another bundle of joy to their family. We went back on forth on if we wanted to surprise the soon to be dad, surprise her daughter, and maybe even surprise her mom. It was a lot of excitement and secrets, so after a couple of week we decided on the pumpkin patch where they would announce they would be adding another pumpkin to their patch, which is rather suiting for Fall.

HUGE HUGE congrats to Camdynne, Kyle, and Avie I know this sweet baby is already loved so much!!

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Kelsey’s Bridal Session l Crystal Reyns Photography l Ashland, Va Wedding Photographer

Man, how did I totally miss sharing this blog post. Don’t hate me guys!
Kelsey made an extremely gorgeous bride!! From her hair and makeup by Glam squad, to her dress by Watters from Sealed with a kiss, to her amazing bubbly personality. We had a lot of fun on her bridal session day. Exploring the gorgeous home of Norwood Estate in Ashland was amazing, plus you can’t beat the hospitality of the Cox’s. 
 The details of her dress though…..
 A definite FAV!!
 Norwood Estate
 Oh the summer glow on the front lawn with a gorgeous bride….

 Happy brides are the best!!

Kelsey and Jake’s Estate Country Wedding l Crystal Reyns Photography l Ashland, Va Wedding Photographer

Those smiles say it all. Kelsey and Jake were one of the calmest couples to work with. What the picture above doesn’t show is the loud cracking of thunder and dark clouds in the sky behind them, and in the midst of it all they shrugged it off, because the importance of the day was becoming one and being surround by the best people to show their love. 
In meeting Kelsey and Jake about a year ago to discuss their big day, their love shined through, and I knew they were going to be so much fun as Jake and I discussed all things Nikon. 
Their venue was Kelsey’s best friend/ maid of honor’s parent home nestled in Ashland, Va and what an AMAZING home and even more amazing, welcoming home owners. Kelsey and Jake’s day had touches of navy blue, teal, burlap, lace, hydrangea’s, tan tux’s and lots of DIY that is enough to touch a country girl’s heart. 
The day started off sunny and a little on the warm side, as it is June in Virginia. As the venue filled with guests and Kelsey and Jake got ready, the nerves began, and they shared a prayer together without seeing one another. And the mom’s and bridesmaids watched this moment from afar, tissues were most definitely needed for this moment. When guests were seated they were greeted with water, sunglasses, and a fan. As Jake first saw Kelsey as his bride being escorted by her father, he fought back his tears of joy as this moment was real, the moment they told me they waited for for years. Their ceremony was perfect in the Cox’s home stone gazebo, and a couple minutes later Kelsey and Jake were husband and wife. 
As guests walked over to cocktail hour, the dreaded clouds of storms began to roll in. Luckily they missed the venue site for awhile, but after dinner the whole sky grew dark. Kelsey being the CALMEST bride ever said ‘well at least we will have good stories to tell.’ And ya know what they did. The party was moved inside the Cox’s gorgeous home, and their foyer became the dance floor for  the night. 
Congrats Kelsey and Jake it was a pleasure to capture your special day!!
Vendor list:
Venue: Norwood Estate
Dress: Watters gown from Sealed with a Kiss
Bridesmaids Dresses: The Limited
Tux: Men’s Warehouse   Tie: J. Crew
Wedding rings: Diamonds Direct
Invites: Designed by Brittany Keenan
Party Rentals: The Prop Shop
Cake: Cakes by Amy
Video: Erin Sellers
Hair and Makeup: Glam Squad

Plaster Maternity l Crump Park l Glen Allen, Va Family Photographer

This session was such a pleasure to capture as this was the first time I got to see Dani and Joey after they told me the wonder news as I passed along their Wedding Photo Book after their big day. 
Dani you are STUNNING as a mommy to be and I am completely honored to capture you from a bride to with child. You and Joey look even more happy now than y’all did on your wedding day, and I didn’t think that was possible. 
THIS IS LOVE, and this is what life looks like after the wedding day. LET LOVE GROW!!!
 Love that baby bump!!
 AAAHHH Dani, you are one gorgeous Moma to be!
 and how cute is Ms Gracie, as she is so excited to be a big sister
 EEEEKKKK another fav!
 and this special moment….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 

Thursdays are off days l Personal

Thursdays for me have become a day of NO WORK. Which is sometimes hard for me as I stayed in work mode constantly for about 3 years. With working a full time job, and having photography as close to full time as it can be I was on the go all the time, with many vendors, friends, and family always telling me to ‘slow down,’ or ‘I don’t know how you do it.’ 
I know with most of us our favorite day is Friday because it is the last day in the work week. But as a photographer most of our shooting days are on the weekends, so my work days are typically 7 days a week during wedding season (and my favorite days are wedding days). For me besides wedding days, Thursday is the one night I look forward to most. Why? Because Thursday is our date night. And not just once a month, but every week. We have been doing this since January, and it has been a huge eye opener on enjoying life. 
My significant other said just yesterday ‘I know I can go without my phone, but you can’t’ It’s true, with running a growing business I have clients text, email, Instagram direct message, Facebook message my business page and personal page (not preferred on personal fb please) constantly, which I try to respond ASAP to receiving a notification, it is a lot to keep up with, and sometimes this is not fair to anyone’s significant other when on their time and trying to hear about their day or just step away from ‘work.’ So Thursdays are our day to step away from it all and try something new, a new restaurant, a new movie, something fun, a new beer…..just always a new adventure, and you know what above all; THIS makes me incredibly happy to have someone in life that brings me out of that constant work mode that I was so accustomed to just enjoy life and a moment of nothing but fun and great company. 
Last Thursday, I decided to plan something different for us. Something simple, low budget, and super cute. A little picnic just for us on the Lake. Homemade sandwich’s, chips, strawberry short cake, and the BEST peach wine from Weston Farms in Louisa. Seriously this was probably my FAVORITE date night to date. It wasn’t a fancy restaurant, zip lining, the beach, but something very simple and perfect for us to just enjoy time together. 
To my other half: THANK YOU for enjoying the simple life, for adventures, for breaking me out of my shell, being amazing, and allowing me to be a part of your life and reminding me to sometimes put work second to enjoy this life with you. 

Kaydence’s colorful cake smash l Crystal Reyns Photography l Louisa, Va Photographer

Miss Kaydence will be ONE soon, and I still can’t believe how much she has grown since their Fall Family Mini session. Bright blue eyes, big smiles, and love those chunky baby legs. For her one year session, mom decided to do an early morning session, which means we got to catch some early morning sunrise glow outdoors after a few studio shots. 
Kaydence rocked all things purple, blue, and aqua for her beach themed birthday. She loved the pearls. And definitely LOVED her large cupcake, made my Pam Harlowe. 
 Seriously HOW CUTE is she?!?!?!
 Oh, heeeeyyyy!!!
 ‘I’m turning ONE’
 It was a beautiful morning, with gorgeous morning glow, and the perfect temperature….how could we NOT go outside for some images πŸ™‚ 
 And I just love my old piano prop!!!
 …..and then there was CAKE….
 ‘is this okay mom?’

Asher’s countryside Mickey Mouse themed birthday l Crystal Reyns Photography l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I finally got to meet this sweet, flirty, on the go cute boy, Asher. Although I get some super cute snap chats in my story from his dad, there was nothing better than him greeting me with open arms to hold him. πŸ™‚
I met Asher’s mom, Melissa, at a farm right outside of the town of Louisa at the crack of dawn. And I love early morning sessions for the beautiful lighting. Asher was and is quite the morning person, so we got lots of smiles, laughs, and then chasing of an on the go boy. 
We started his session in this gorgeous butter cup field, isn’t is the perfect spring setting?!?!
After a quick change into his bibs and fishing hat, we went down to the pond to look for some fish. I loved this outfit as his dad is quite the outdoorsman so I’m sure Asher will have many adventures of hunting and fishing when he is older. 
HA HA HA this face tho….
…..and then it was time for Mickey Mouse bibs, tie, and CAKE…
…..the first pick at the cake is always my favorite πŸ™‚ ….
safe to say that Asher really like the black icing the best
And I love that the black icing makes him look like he has a mustache and beard going on….HEHEHEHE

Lauren and Aaron’s rainy day wedding l Crystal Reyns Photography l Louisa, Va Wedding Photographer

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Well Lauren and Aaron have been sent lots of luck from the heavens on their wedding day. Lauren being one of the most calm brides EVER when having to change to her Plan C and watching the weather for weeks to plan out her dream outdoor wedding ceremony. 
When Lauren called me to tell me plans had changed, as the rain wasn’t ‘supposed’ to start until after their ceremony time……let’s be real when are the weather people actually right….. Any who, I was off to the church in Sandy Hook, Va which is a gorgeous vintage church with lots of character. Lauren showed up moments later still smiling and calm because she knew this wasn’t about the weather or the cake, or the flowers, or anything else but the love of her and Aaron and coming together as one. Girl you are a rock star, and I am not sure if myself or many could’ve been as calm as you on your day. 
A very small intimate celebration shared with only family and close friends, this day may not have been the model day, but it was perfect and filled with smiles, laughs, love, and joy….and THAT is what it is ALL about. 
Lauren and Aaron I LOVE your love and being able to capture it in the rain was awesome, and I look forward to your summer reception celebration πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 

 …lace from her mom’s wedding dress sewn into hers…
 And this gorgeous colorful bouquet
In awe of Lauren’s jewelry for her big day 
 ….and her new last name sewn into her dress too πŸ™‚ …
 And some of the coolest parents EVER!!! how can you not smile at this?!?!?!?!
 A FAV for me!! πŸ™‚ and yes they stood in the rain with me πŸ™‚ 
 Their non PDA kiss πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 
 and this pictures with sweet friends shows the spirit and love of this imperfectly perfect day πŸ™‚ 

Lacey and Steven’s Emotional Announcement l Crystal Reyns Photography l Louisa, Va Family Photographer

Lacey contacted weeks prior to their session for another anniversary session with her sweetie. Shortly after that email, I received the good news. She wanted to turn their session into a slideshow to tell everyone their good news, but also share some insight into their struggles with infertility. Many many women struggle with these same issues, yet we hide it and put on a smile. Only a handful of people knew of their struggles until now. The support system that has surround this amazing couple these past two weeks warms my heart and makes me so happy for them, y’all are amazing!!!!!!

Check out their slideshow HERE: https://vimeo.com/127495935

Mother’s Day Studio Sessions l Louisa, Va Family Photographer l Crystal Reyns Photography

As Mother’s Day approaches, are you having a hard time thinking about what to get mom? 
How about a fun in studio mini session, all mom’s love pictures. And mom’s love pictures because they know this moment right now will never be the same, we grow up, we move away, we begin to have families of our own. Allow mom to have a captured moment right now for her to keep forever. πŸ™‚ 
 It’s never too late to have ALL mom’s in your portrait, like the four generation session with some wonderful ladies πŸ™‚ 
 A mother’s love is one that last forever!
 ….and mom is your first best friend….
 ….remember to capture the laughter, because a laugh is beautiful on everyone….