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I haven’t blogged in so long…….YIKES…. I apologize guys!!!!

A few have asked where have I been…

Well I took a nice break during what we call our ‘slow season.’

From January to now, we have been cracking down on our wedding planning and we have gotten a lot done, which a blog will be coming on the ins and outs of wedding planning and how NOT to let it get the best of you. I have said YES TO THE DRESS over at my favorite bridal shop, Urban Set bride and couldn’t be more proud to be an urban set bride!!!

We had a fun snowed in weekend with the blizzard, which I would normally venture out into and want to shoot kids, families, baby bumps…..but for once I wanted to be at home cuddled up and just watching the snow and able to take it in without ‘working.’

Traveling, y’all know I love to travel. We spent a nice weekend away at a wonder bed and breakfast in the mountains. I’ll tell y’all what, I think EVERYONE should put that on your bucket list if you haven’t. I know I want to do it again already.

I decided to take a day position at a wonderful company, and I am loving…. BUT that isn’t slowing down the wedding season or sessions, as my weekends are still for photography and some for living 🙂  I will gladly say that the 2016 WEDDING SEASON IS FULLY BOOKED as well, and we have already started BOOKING for 2017!!

Like most families we have been dealing with quite a bit of winter sickness and that didn’t leave me out this year. From a little cold to now bronchitis right before the beginning of my season. Thankfully I have an amazing doctor that wants to nip it in the bud as much as I do…..shout out to Stacy at Va family practice….thanks girl!!!

And last but not least….we decided to add another one to our family….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

MEET Kevin…..(as in kevin bacon):

KEVIN-7187 KEVIN-7196 KEVIN-7200 KEVIN-7212 KEVIN-7214

And lets not leave out mister Sawyer, as he will be turning a YEAR this month…..which means a special shoot just for this big boy. And look at the size difference from him to kevin……and yes he did try to eat him…..but NO PIGS were harmed!!!!


Urban Set Bride | Feature Friday Series | Richmond, Va


For my first feature friday series I knew exactly who I wanted to feature. And these lovely ladies said yes!!!

Urban Set Bride is AH-mazing brides!! Seriously if you haven’t visited just a bridal boutique, please reach out to Urban Set. This little bridal shop was my ONLY choice as a bride myself. I knew I loved the feeling of comfort, home, and I felt like family when I left. And true story, they even made my childhood best friend want to be a bride, when she was planning to elope…..that makes a huge statement to me alone!! So…..yes I am proud to say I am an Urban Set Bride myself and my experience was beyond amazing for trying on dresses and feeling like bride. And it was SUPER FUN!!!

What sets you apart from other bridal stores: ” We only allow one appointment at a time, and every client deserves that experience no matter what their budget is. We offer a different selection, without being too overwhelming. We pay attention to trends, but still has classic gowns. The bride will come in and meet the owners instead of a worker on commission (David’s Bridal). We wanted to offer one appointment at a time to have a family feel. Our brides come in as strangers and leave as family. We offer plus size, small budget. Other bridal shops focus on high budget, typically white, and folks that have deep pockets. We are a no pressure salon, suggest the bride to look at other shops before deciding on a gown.”

“Your wedding is an awesome day and you should enjoy being a bride. We want to remove a stigma of ‘other’ women that want to feel awesome. ”

How is it being a mother daughter team: “Can’t imagine working with another person. It has its ups and downs. It is a whole another level of trust, and forces us to communicate and trust each other. We definitely lean on each other as it is consuming on time and life. Brother and Dad helps out as well. Allows us dedication to working with a family members. And gives that 100% family business”

How was it to leave corporate world: “I was doing wedding planning part time and working in property management. I knew since college I wanted to own my own business, but didn’t know what for. As working part time in wedding planning I knew that bridal shop was best fit. I wanted to set apart from the David’s bridal to a big end shop, as I wanted to fit ALL women. And there is no going back. No one can be my boss again. ”

What is you typical bride: “open minded brides.”

How do you connect with other vendors: “I love networking, rising tide, tuesdays together.”

How did you pick your location in Richmond: “We didn’t want to be where competitors are. Definitely wanted a cozy feel. We  love the neighborhood and how it is changing. People are changing churchhill. It is a place that is easy to park. We didn’t want or need the drive by traffic and do not prefer ‘walk in’ traffic. Its a comfortable feeling. We  couldn’t achieve that in short pump or in cary town.  We are surrounded by amazing restaurants that we can suggest to their brides after their appointments.”

What can we look for from Urban Set Bride in the next year: “We are expanding the shop and bringing in an in house seamstress. We will have an in-house florist, Amanda Burnette. And will have office space for Wood Grain and Lace. Inventory is expanding, more plus size more casual options. Would like to add a menswear that are LGBT for women’s suits as well.”

Who are your favorite designers: Maggie Sottero, voted best fit, trendy and classic, great detail. not super expensive. under 2900. Oldest designer: Ellis Bridal, 104 years in business.

Urbansetbride-7847 Urbansetbride-7845 Urbansetbride-7826 Urbansetbride-7872 Urbansetbride-7873 Urbansetbride-7874 Urbansetbride-7876 Urbansetbride-7877 Urbansetbride-7878 Urbansetbride-7884 Urbansetbride-7849 Urbansetbride-7852 Urbansetbride-7855 Urbansetbride-7860

Thank you so MUCH Urban Set Bride for allowing me to come in and spend some time with y’all, it was a true pleasure.

365 days from today | Personal

365 days……one year from today……it’s GO TIME!!

Man oh man, in one year from today I will be a bride and starting a new chapter in my life. I couldn’t be more happy, but the stress set in a little this morning when I saw the date. I know a lot of magazines and blogs say it takes year to plan a wedding. My wonderful fiancé calmed me down this morning by saying we already have a lot planned, which we do.

My philosophy on planning our dream wedding was to not let the wedding be more than it is, one day, and about us. And that is still what we intend to do. The planning thus far has been fun. I went to look at wedding dresses on my 30th birthday, and Urban Set Bride was and is my only option for my wedding dress. Their love for vintage and lace fits my personality so much, plus the owners are pretty bad ass.

During my birthday week I had all of my bridesmaid in town and they were off work, so all of us girls were able to go to my wedding venue……AND they LOVED it. It is quite a walk to the ceremony site, but it is so going to be worth it our woodsy whimsical unplugged ceremony. 🙂 And the same day we picked ‘the’ bridesmaid dresses, my ladies are going to be stunning in those Kanali K dresses.

Other vendors we have set for wedding: florist (faithful flowers), coordinator, Officiant, caterer…….so now after typing that, seriously why am I stressing??? Maybe its the actual stress of wanting everything to be perfect. That happens for every bride right? I know I have some pretty AMAZING brides as quite a few check on me with planning and I am so thankful for that!!!! You ladies ROCK!!!

Past brides are there any things I should be doing now one year out?

We proposed to our wedding party i Crystal Reyns Photography i Personal

Now that all of our wedding party has said YES, I wanted to share how we proposed to our wedding party.  We decided to make one of our date nights a craft night for the friends we love most and whom we want to share our special day with.

Me being me, I love surprises, and I love everything pink and gold….so I made my wonderful ladies goodie boxes with their favorite liquor, a gold sparkly ‘P’, sparkly finger nail polish, a wedding day scented candle, and custom card for each person with a special note.

The ‘groomsmen’ boxes were silver and black with special touches for each individual, I didn’t make these ones as you will tell because there is no pink involved. Each one of these boxes contained a card that stated “Shit just got real.” These were our favorite wedding party proposal cards, and they were ordered without hesitation.

We are so excited to share our day with Joni, Sammi, Stacy, Aj, Whitney, Jess, Brycen, and Ryan. Feel free to follow our planning of the big day on instagram #reynstophillips

phillips-5735  phillips-5737 phillips-5738 phillips-5739 phillips-5740 phillips-5742 phillips-5747 phillips-5749 phillips-5751 phillips-5753 phillips-5755 phillips-5757