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So, I will apologize first for sucking at staying updated with blogs. Wedding season is CRAZY. This month alone is JAM packed with fun: 5 weddings, many sessions, bachelorette weekend madness, and 3 weeks plus some days from MY WEDDING DAY. EEEKKKKKK!!!

For my birthday I ALWAYS love to celebrate with y’all and spread the joy. This year I will be doing some awesome giveaways, but you have to share and follow the rules to enter…..are you ready for these?

1. A FREE mini session PERFECT for the holiday season.

2. 50% off Bridal session

3. The BIG one here, $500 off any wedding package for a 2017 or 2018 bride

How to enter to win these giveaways: COMMENT on this blog, tell me a little something something about you, and/or your family or spouse to be. SHARE on Facebook. SHARE image of snappy birthday on instagram and TAG me @crystalreyns AND #crystalsbdaygiveaway

Good luck you guys, now I’m off to hunt down a sugar free cupcake for my PAPA’s 82nd birthday today. Yes we have the same birthday and it is kinda awesome 🙂 🙂

2015 year end review | Crystal Reyns Photography

It has been one AMAZING year. Full of weddings, maternity, family sessions, THREE styled shoots, and lots of beyond amazing clients!!!

A year I became a bride to be as well, and I love my brides and vendors helping me out on planning my own wedding!

Thank you all for allowing me to capture your life and supporting my small business!!!


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Christmas Studio Minis | Louisa, Va Family and Pet Photographer

Christmas time is HERE!!!


I know it is not Thanksgiving yet, but I am so excited to set up the studio for minis this year.

I will be offering FIVE different backdrops, a choice of TWO per each mini session. Whether you like a rustic feel, twinkling lights, traditional fireplace, or a christmas tree…we have it all. 🙂

Minis this year will begin November 22nd and will end December 13th. Times will be available during the week by appointment only. Investment: Session fee $35 with a minimum $100 print purchase (meaning my normal studio session price BUT you are getting those prints for Christmas and digital negatives….WIN WIN:)

A NEW offer this year is PET CHRISTMAS MINIS…..don’t leave out the fur babies, PET MINIS will be December 6th and each fur baby will get a take home ‘treat.’  Investment for pet minis is: $50 and will include treat bag and digital negatives.

Brycen-6400 Brycen-6411 tanya-6564 Brycen-6411 Brycen-6459 Brycen-6498 Brycen-6516 tanya-6566 tanya-6575

Fall minis | Louisa, Va Family Photographer | Crystal Reyns Photography

I know I say it way too much, but I LOVE Fall. The Va festivals, fall weddings, the beautiful colors, and meeting up with some amazing families….oh and maybe scarfs and tall boots….

This year has been quite the blessing to visit a few locations around Central Virginia for some Fall minis and with some new beautiful faces and some returning beautiful faces!! I loved hearing about some had already put up empty frames on their walls as ‘this’ session was going there……that makes my heart so happy as images ALWAYS look better on the wall than in a thumb drive or disk!! With one more fall mini for Carter’s mountain this week, then we will be ALL SET for Christmas minis that I will be posting about more this week!! 🙂 🙂

Here are a few of my favs from this year:

Cari-1733 Cari-1770 Cari-1863 Knighton-1967 Knighton-2019 Knighton-2105 Knighton-2169 Knighton-2205 Mallory-1166 Mallory-1196 Mallory-1301 Mallory-1361 Mallory-1374 Mallory-1393 A&T-1600 A&T-1624 Pancham-1611 Pancham-1675 Pancham-1698 Pumpkinpatch-8480 Pumpkinpatch-8546 Pumpkinpatch-8658 T&C-8725

2015 Christmas Tree Farm Minis


I am so excited to offer these for the THIRD year in a row!!

This year is going to be the best and I know it. When calling yesterday to get permission again the owner first stated, ‘we were wondering when we would hear from you.’ 🙂 This family owned farm is so joy-filled and welcoming, it has been an blessing to be able to come here now for years, and it is the only tree farm I suggest to folks asking where to get a real tree.

To prepare y’all for these mini sessions: Please dress warm as it is a little bit colder at the farm, please come a few minutes early as I will have a few styled setups ready to go, fur babies are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash.

Saturday November 28th:

8:00am: BOOKED



10:00am: BOOKED





4:00pm: BOOKED

Sunday November 29th:

1:00pm: BOOKED

1:30pm: BOOKED

2:00pm: BOOKED (SH)


3:00pm: BOOKED (LD)

3:30pm: BOOKED (KW)