2015 year end review | Crystal Reyns Photography

It has been one AMAZING year. Full of weddings, maternity, family sessions, THREE styled shoots, and lots of beyond amazing clients!!!

A year I became a bride to be as well, and I love my brides and vendors helping me out on planning my own wedding!

Thank you all for allowing me to capture your life and supporting my small business!!!


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Family of three to four | Birth Story | Crystal Reyns Photography

Birth stories are always heart felt, and no words can ever explain the level of emotion in that delivery room. I was so honored to capture this amazing birth. Heather and her family was such a huge support team, and her Dad was quite the jokester and story teller, which made the waiting process go by easily with lots of laughter.

Martha Jefferson is one of my favorite birthing centers, as it was home of my very first labor capture and holds a place near and dear to my heart. The staff there is beyond amazing, and definitely makes all new mom’s feel as much as home as possible.

Heather was such a happy in labor mom, and I’m sure she was thankful for a fast labor, as Pearson came quite fast. And in quite fast I mean like 3-5 pushes and he was HERE!!! 🙂 And all the smiles in the room and happy tears when he made his appearance was so heart felt for myself and these once again new parents. And big sister couldn’t wait to meet her new brother either.


Congrats again to the Noble family and I was honored to capture this amazing moment in time for your family!!




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