Rule of Crumb | Feature Friday | Crystal Reyns Photography

YAY for feature friday, and getting to feature another awesome small business woman.

This month’s feature friday goes to the one and only, Rule of Crumb, Miss Jami that has been ROCKING out some custom cookies. I am beyond proud of what she has done in a year, and you can SEE how passionate she is about her cookies! Check her out on FB and give her a like here: Rule of Crumb


I got to spend a little bit of time with Jami one evening watching her do her thang…… and a little interview on getting to know this BOSS LADY:

How did you get into making custom cookies? It started by doing a bridal shower for her sister in law, and googled how to make starfish short cookies for favors. Then realized it wasn’t that hard, then started making cookies for birthday parties and posted a picture on Facebook and it went viral from there by getting requests for preschools, and gender reveals etc. So it just sort of happened.

What makes you passionate about Rule of Crumb? I really like to do my own thing. May be the stubbornness in me, but I like being my own boss and being in control of everything. I feel better about everything when I am completely in control. I have always been a little crafty so it was a natural thing.

Can you see you going full time?
Yes, absolutely. Ever since I was little I thought i would be a business owner I just never knew what it would be in. Very happy with where my little business is going.

What can we look forward to from rule of crumb in the next year? Going full time. I would really like to start doing classes, like a wine and design type except with cookies in the home with friends.

What has been your favorite thing about working in the cookie world?
Really love coming up with the perfect thing for the perfect event and seeing the clients reactions and knowing I knocked it out of the park.

What is your favorite event to make cookies for?
Baby showers, there is something about little onesies and baby stuff that I love.

What was you turning point for rule of crumb? When I started my facebook page a year ago, and I didn’t expect it to be much, and thought it would be an easier way for people to get in touch with me, and it BOOMED.

Tell me us who Jami, owner of rule of crumb is: I am really boring. I like being at home, and I have always liked being creative and being able to run my business out of my home has been amazing. I never thought cookies would be a big hit, but you can personalize them for anybody and anything. We live in a pinterest world so it makes it FUN.

Rule-5643 Rule-5646



Rule-5635 Rule-5649 Rule-5653

New Years Resolutions | Divine Dimes Fitness | Feature Friday |Crystal Reyns Photography


With the new year comes those new years resolutions. What is yours? As a bride myself I know my goal it to look a certain way in that wedding dress. Maybe to tone those stubborn arms and be a little more active….maybe a few other goals.

I have been working with Shayna for some time, and she is the best personal trainer for women, in my opinion. She knows what works and customizes workouts for each individual. And she may kick your ass right in to gear, I know she did for me. She has helped with meal prep and a meal plan, and also how to stay on track outside of the gym. As a busy individual I have limited time, she worked up an at home workout plan for me as well. She can help you REACH YOUR GOALS TOO!!

What I love about Shayna is that she is so passionate to help people reach their fitness goals. When someone reaches their goal, even a small one, she is just as happy as they are.

Shayna is also an AWESOME FITNESS BLOGGER. She discusses a lot of topics we as women are afraid to ask. One of my favorite blogs of hers has been Problem Areas and Exercises on how to fix them, this is definitely a good read for anyone that has struggled with any problem area.

Any shoot with Shayna is sure to be fun and full of laughs. This shoot we planned was for HER. To embody who she is. She is a mom, a personal trainer, a bikini competitor, a friend, a fiancé, and a bad ass business woman….. BOOM!

 Shayna-0890 Shayna-0922 Shayna-0924    Shayna-0996 Shayna-1006 Shayna-1007 Shayna-1015 Shayna-1019 Shayna-1024 Shayna-1027 Shayna-1048 Shayna-1086 Shayna-1097 Shayna-1195

Shayna is now offering some FUN HIIT classes on the weekends that DDF clients and friends can join, they are a touch of dance, cardio, stretching and just sweaty fun to kick that booty in gear.  You can contact Divine Dimes Fitness here.

Urban Set Bride | Feature Friday Series | Richmond, Va


For my first feature friday series I knew exactly who I wanted to feature. And these lovely ladies said yes!!!

Urban Set Bride is AH-mazing brides!! Seriously if you haven’t visited just a bridal boutique, please reach out to Urban Set. This little bridal shop was my ONLY choice as a bride myself. I knew I loved the feeling of comfort, home, and I felt like family when I left. And true story, they even made my childhood best friend want to be a bride, when she was planning to elope…..that makes a huge statement to me alone!! So…..yes I am proud to say I am an Urban Set Bride myself and my experience was beyond amazing for trying on dresses and feeling like bride. And it was SUPER FUN!!!

What sets you apart from other bridal stores: ” We only allow one appointment at a time, and every client deserves that experience no matter what their budget is. We offer a different selection, without being too overwhelming. We pay attention to trends, but still has classic gowns. The bride will come in and meet the owners instead of a worker on commission (David’s Bridal). We wanted to offer one appointment at a time to have a family feel. Our brides come in as strangers and leave as family. We offer plus size, small budget. Other bridal shops focus on high budget, typically white, and folks that have deep pockets. We are a no pressure salon, suggest the bride to look at other shops before deciding on a gown.”

“Your wedding is an awesome day and you should enjoy being a bride. We want to remove a stigma of ‘other’ women that want to feel awesome. ”

How is it being a mother daughter team: “Can’t imagine working with another person. It has its ups and downs. It is a whole another level of trust, and forces us to communicate and trust each other. We definitely lean on each other as it is consuming on time and life. Brother and Dad helps out as well. Allows us dedication to working with a family members. And gives that 100% family business”

How was it to leave corporate world: “I was doing wedding planning part time and working in property management. I knew since college I wanted to own my own business, but didn’t know what for. As working part time in wedding planning I knew that bridal shop was best fit. I wanted to set apart from the David’s bridal to a big end shop, as I wanted to fit ALL women. And there is no going back. No one can be my boss again. ”

What is you typical bride: “open minded brides.”

How do you connect with other vendors: “I love networking, rising tide, tuesdays together.”

How did you pick your location in Richmond: “We didn’t want to be where competitors are. Definitely wanted a cozy feel. We  love the neighborhood and how it is changing. People are changing churchhill. It is a place that is easy to park. We didn’t want or need the drive by traffic and do not prefer ‘walk in’ traffic. Its a comfortable feeling. We  couldn’t achieve that in short pump or in cary town.  We are surrounded by amazing restaurants that we can suggest to their brides after their appointments.”

What can we look for from Urban Set Bride in the next year: “We are expanding the shop and bringing in an in house seamstress. We will have an in-house florist, Amanda Burnette. And will have office space for Wood Grain and Lace. Inventory is expanding, more plus size more casual options. Would like to add a menswear that are LGBT for women’s suits as well.”

Who are your favorite designers: Maggie Sottero, voted best fit, trendy and classic, great detail. not super expensive. under 2900. Oldest designer: Ellis Bridal, 104 years in business.

Urbansetbride-7847 Urbansetbride-7845 Urbansetbride-7826 Urbansetbride-7872 Urbansetbride-7873 Urbansetbride-7874 Urbansetbride-7876 Urbansetbride-7877 Urbansetbride-7878 Urbansetbride-7884 Urbansetbride-7849 Urbansetbride-7852 Urbansetbride-7855 Urbansetbride-7860

Thank you so MUCH Urban Set Bride for allowing me to come in and spend some time with y’all, it was a true pleasure.