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So, I will apologize first for sucking at staying updated with blogs. Wedding season is CRAZY. This month alone is JAM packed with fun: 5 weddings, many sessions, bachelorette weekend madness, and 3 weeks plus some days from MY WEDDING DAY. EEEKKKKKK!!!

For my birthday I ALWAYS love to celebrate with y’all and spread the joy. This year I will be doing some awesome giveaways, but you have to share and follow the rules to enter…..are you ready for these?

1. A FREE mini session PERFECT for the holiday season.

2. 50% off Bridal session

3. The BIG one here, $500 off any wedding package for a 2017 or 2018 bride

How to enter to win these giveaways: COMMENT on this blog, tell me a little something something about you, and/or your family or spouse to be. SHARE on Facebook. SHARE image of snappy birthday on instagram and TAG me @crystalreyns AND #crystalsbdaygiveaway

Good luck you guys, now I’m off to hunt down a sugar free cupcake for my PAPA’s 82nd birthday today. Yes we have the same birthday and it is kinda awesome 🙂 🙂

Bailey turning 3 | Crystal Reyns Photography | Louisa, Va Portrait Photographer

I got to meet Miss Bailey last year for her two year old portraits. At that time she was not a fan of being in front of the camera. After a year of growing more into being a toddler Miss B was all about being in front of the camera and showing me all her personality, which I LOVED.

Miss B is fun, wild, and a little bit sassy, all and all a fun loving little being that loves the outdoors.

Enjoy some moments from Miss B’s Session at Weston Farms in Louisa, Va.


Bailey-3275 Bailey-3278 Bailey-3285 Bailey-3288 Bailey-3290 Bailey-3296 Bailey-3301 Bailey-3318 Bailey-3321 Bailey-3322 Bailey-3327 Bailey-3332 Bailey-3337 Bailey-3344 Bailey-3348 Bailey-3355 Bailey-3358 Bailey-3359 Bailey-3386 Bailey-3395 Bailey-3396 Bailey-3397 Bailey-3401 Bailey-3406 Bailey-3408 Bailey-3409 Bailey-3410 Bailey-3424Bailey

Summer a bald beauty at 13 | Inspiration Shoot | Louisa, Va | Crystal Reyns Photography



A gorgeous, strong, confident, and HAPPY young lady. A THIRTEEN year old when she lost all her hair in just TWO weeks. This shoot was planned to inspire and lift her spirits, but little did I know she would inspire me more than anything I have ever done in photography.

We met before sunset, a little after Kat’s Hair Studio spend some time doing Summer’s makeup for the shoot. Summer was all smiles, she owns exactly who she is hair or no hair. We chatted during her shoot, and I learned all about her family, her best friend Maddie that has been a bald beauty too so they have a special bond, and all about school and how some kids are so mean to her because she doesn’t have hair. She smiled after telling me this, I realized she is one heck of a STRONG young lady.


Here is a little about Summer from her Mom, Sharon: “Summer L Stauffer born March 18, 2002 in Fredericksburg Va. In early October of 2015 she was washing a car with a friend and I noticed a bald spot on the side of her head. We went to the doctor and confirmed it was Alopecia. It took us about three weeks to get into a Dermatologist who officially diagnosed Summer with Alopecia Universalis (AU) on October 29 2015. From when I noticed the first bald spot until the time that all of her hair had fallen out was about two weeks, four days before our appointment at the dermatologist. They informed us that day that AU is one of the rarest forms of alopecia and her case was especially rare because of how fast it happened. There are three types of Alopecia:
Alopecia Aerata
Alopecia areata, the most common variation of the autoimmune disease, presents itself as round, smooth patches of various sizes.
Alopecia Areata Totalis
Alopecia areata totalis presents itself as total loss of hair on the scalp
Alopecia Areata Universalis
Alopecia areata universalis is the rarest form of alopecia areata and presents itself as the loss of hair over the entire scalp and body
Alopecia is not contagious. They don’t know exactly how or why some people develop it. It is an autoimmune disease that is normally brought on secondary to some other medical issue or diagnosis. The easiest way to explain what and how it works is that your body is allergic to your hair. Now keep in mind this is not the technical definition, just an easier way to explain. There is no cure for Alopecia. However there are treatments to help the possible regrowth of hair, injections, creams, squaric acid. None of these would have been beneficial for Summer. The only possible one they suggested would be the squaric acid treatment. After talking this over with Summer she decided against it. Basically they would put this acid on her scalp in hopes to cause an allergic reaction and her body would attack that and leave the hair follicles alone to regrow hair. On top of my 13 year old female child, at the time this all started, losing all her hair she was going through some medical issues as well. Summer missed a lot of school between the middle of October until December when we were able to finally get her on home bound school. She went back to school part time in January and returned full time April 4. Through all the lab work, scans, ultrasounds, visits to the ER, the Gastroenterologist, Primary doctor, Oncology/Hematology, Orthopedic and physical therapy they have still not determined everything and what was happening with her. She is being treated for stomach issues with medicine that seems to be working, a liver mass that they have been watching, and still trying to figure out what is wrong with her back and the pain there.
Summer has met people within the past six months, complete strangers with Alopecia as well, who have come up to her and asked if she has Alopecia and that she inspires them and makes them want to be like her, to have her strength and own what obstacles that have been placed in her path. They hide behind wigs, hats, scarfs and make up because they are scared of what others will say and not comfortable in their own skin. A woman stopped us walking out of the store around Christmas time and was amazed of how Summer was “rocking” the bald head. She gave Summer a hug said “God Bless you I want to be like you.” They look at her father and I and tell us that we have raised a very strong young woman. I hope so. We always tell our children that they are who they are meant to be.”

Summer is a big sister:

Summer-1728 Summer-1751 Summer-1765 Summer-1785 Summer-1861 Summer-1874 Summer-1882

A best friend:

Summer-2121 Summer-2129 Summer-2130 Summer-2137 Summer-2148 Summer-2163

And an amazing, inspirational person!

Summer-2042 Summer-2039 Summer-2032 Summer-2023 Summer-2012 Summer-1984 Summer-1980 Summer-1973 Summer-1962 Summer-1953 Summer-1950 Summer-1921 Summer-1915 Summer-1899 Summer-1890 Summer-2113 Summer-2104 Summer-2102 Summer-2067 Summer-2059 Summer-2052

Early Christmas present | Announcement | Louisa, Va family photographer

Christmas came early for this adorable couple, and I couldn’t be more excited!!!


Brandy knew exactly how she wanted to announce her special news…….with all FOUR of her brothers in ‘guess who is pregnant’ How stinking cute, right?!?!?! And it happened right in her home town, and quite a drive from VA Beach. I am completely honored to capture this sweet moment and can’t wait to watch this baby bump grow. Congrats to y’all again!!!!

Brandy-2 Brandy-1967 Brandy-1977 Brandy-1978 Brandy-1983 Brandy-2029 Brandy-2058 Brandy-2087 Brandy-2099 Brandy-2104 Brandy-2118 Brandy-2127 Brandy-2174 Brandy-2197 Brandy-2222

Family of three to four | Birth Story | Crystal Reyns Photography

Birth stories are always heart felt, and no words can ever explain the level of emotion in that delivery room. I was so honored to capture this amazing birth. Heather and her family was such a huge support team, and her Dad was quite the jokester and story teller, which made the waiting process go by easily with lots of laughter.

Martha Jefferson is one of my favorite birthing centers, as it was home of my very first labor capture and holds a place near and dear to my heart. The staff there is beyond amazing, and definitely makes all new mom’s feel as much as home as possible.

Heather was such a happy in labor mom, and I’m sure she was thankful for a fast labor, as Pearson came quite fast. And in quite fast I mean like 3-5 pushes and he was HERE!!! 🙂 And all the smiles in the room and happy tears when he made his appearance was so heart felt for myself and these once again new parents. And big sister couldn’t wait to meet her new brother either.


Congrats again to the Noble family and I was honored to capture this amazing moment in time for your family!!




Noble-3993 Noble-4001 Noble-4009 Noble-4013 Noble-4015 Noble-4024 Noble-4029 Noble-4037 Noble-4039 Noble-4042 Noble-4048 Noble-4059 Noble-4062 Noble-4064 Noble-4074 Noble-4082 Noble-4085 Noble-4103 Noble-4112 Noble-4151 Noble-4152 Noble-4153 Noble-4155 Noble-4156 Noble-4157 Noble-4158 Noble-4159 Noble-4160 Noble-4163 Noble-4175 Noble-4177 Noble-4181 Noble-4193 Noble-4194 Noble-4201 Noble-4210 Noble-4243 Noble-4244 Noble-4247 Noble-4253 Noble-4254 Noble-4267 Noble-4282 Noble-4296 Noble-4317 Noble-4324 Noble-4336 Noble-4344 Noble-4359 Noble-4361 Noble-4362 Noble-4367 Noble-4373 Noble-4377 Noble-4390 Noble-4391 Noble-4396 Noble-4400 Noble-4406 Noble-4411 Noble-4413 Noble-4437 Noble-4445 Noble-4478 Noble-4496

Christmas Studio Minis | Louisa, Va Family and Pet Photographer

Christmas time is HERE!!!


I know it is not Thanksgiving yet, but I am so excited to set up the studio for minis this year.

I will be offering FIVE different backdrops, a choice of TWO per each mini session. Whether you like a rustic feel, twinkling lights, traditional fireplace, or a christmas tree…we have it all. 🙂

Minis this year will begin November 22nd and will end December 13th. Times will be available during the week by appointment only. Investment: Session fee $35 with a minimum $100 print purchase (meaning my normal studio session price BUT you are getting those prints for Christmas and digital negatives….WIN WIN:)

A NEW offer this year is PET CHRISTMAS MINIS…..don’t leave out the fur babies, PET MINIS will be December 6th and each fur baby will get a take home ‘treat.’  Investment for pet minis is: $50 and will include treat bag and digital negatives.

Brycen-6400 Brycen-6411 tanya-6564 Brycen-6411 Brycen-6459 Brycen-6498 Brycen-6516 tanya-6566 tanya-6575

Fall minis | Louisa, Va Family Photographer | Crystal Reyns Photography

I know I say it way too much, but I LOVE Fall. The Va festivals, fall weddings, the beautiful colors, and meeting up with some amazing families….oh and maybe scarfs and tall boots….

This year has been quite the blessing to visit a few locations around Central Virginia for some Fall minis and with some new beautiful faces and some returning beautiful faces!! I loved hearing about some had already put up empty frames on their walls as ‘this’ session was going there……that makes my heart so happy as images ALWAYS look better on the wall than in a thumb drive or disk!! With one more fall mini for Carter’s mountain this week, then we will be ALL SET for Christmas minis that I will be posting about more this week!! 🙂 🙂

Here are a few of my favs from this year:

Cari-1733 Cari-1770 Cari-1863 Knighton-1967 Knighton-2019 Knighton-2105 Knighton-2169 Knighton-2205 Mallory-1166 Mallory-1196 Mallory-1301 Mallory-1361 Mallory-1374 Mallory-1393 A&T-1600 A&T-1624 Pancham-1611 Pancham-1675 Pancham-1698 Pumpkinpatch-8480 Pumpkinpatch-8546 Pumpkinpatch-8658 T&C-8725

2015 Christmas Tree Farm Minis


I am so excited to offer these for the THIRD year in a row!!

This year is going to be the best and I know it. When calling yesterday to get permission again the owner first stated, ‘we were wondering when we would hear from you.’ 🙂 This family owned farm is so joy-filled and welcoming, it has been an blessing to be able to come here now for years, and it is the only tree farm I suggest to folks asking where to get a real tree.

To prepare y’all for these mini sessions: Please dress warm as it is a little bit colder at the farm, please come a few minutes early as I will have a few styled setups ready to go, fur babies are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash.

Saturday November 28th:

8:00am: BOOKED



10:00am: BOOKED





4:00pm: BOOKED

Sunday November 29th:

1:00pm: BOOKED

1:30pm: BOOKED

2:00pm: BOOKED (SH)


3:00pm: BOOKED (LD)

3:30pm: BOOKED (KW)


First family portraits | Adoption | Louisa, Va Family Photographer


This adorable family, on their family farm, and that gorgeous light!!!!

I have absolutely loved following and capturing this family’s special story. Lacey and Steven are huge inspirations to couples in our small town that have and are battling with conceiving. Lacey opened up recently about their struggles, and I love the support that she has received and how she is able to lift other couples up with hope with sharing their story.

They wished, hoped, and prayed for Jace….for FIVE years. This year Lacey and Steven received the blessing of adoption of this sweet, adorable, baby boy. I was able to capture their adoption announcement earlier this year, and it was announced in a slideshow to one of Lacey’s favorite songs, Overloaded. View it here.

As the due date came quick, Lacey and I stayed in touch as she knew she wanted to capture their first family portraits soon after bringing this bundle of joy home. We planned the location, the time, and date. What I didn’t plan was to fall completely in love with this adorable chunky baby. He is PERFECT! And now their family is even more perfect with this addition.

Lacey shared her adoption story on Beauty and Lifestyle Magazine (view story here) and it is an inspiring story, but get your tissues out ladies.

Jace-8953 Jace-8949 Jace-8936 Jace-8928 Jace-8931 Palmerfamily-9124 Palmerfamily-9111 Jace-9174 Jace-9161 Jace-9138 Jace-9086 Jace-9058 Jace-9038 Jace-9026 Jace-9021 Jace-9012 Jace-9007 Jace-8998 Jace-8991 Jace-8981 Jace-8973 Jace-8957

2016 Fall minis | Virginia Family Photographer | Crystal Reyns Photography

2016 Fall mini sessions are back by popular demand!!

Last year I only offer one day of Fall minis with 8 straight weeks of weddings, by the end I was beat and needed a small break. This year as I reach the end of wedding season I wanted to offer more minis again because they are so much fun, and it is a great chance to see some amazing families again and just catch up on life.


I am opening up THREE different dates for these minis:

Crump Park, Glen Allen VA, Oct 25th




Styled minis (vintage couch, pumpkins, and lots of fall cuteness) in Bumpass VA, Oct 31st


10am: BOOKED




Carter’s Mountain, Charlottesville VA Nov 1st