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So, I will apologize first for sucking at staying updated with blogs. Wedding season is CRAZY. This month alone is JAM packed with fun: 5 weddings, many sessions, bachelorette weekend madness, and 3 weeks plus some days from MY WEDDING DAY. EEEKKKKKK!!!

For my birthday I ALWAYS love to celebrate with y’all and spread the joy. This year I will be doing some awesome giveaways, but you have to share and follow the rules to enter…..are you ready for these?

1. A FREE mini session PERFECT for the holiday season.

2. 50% off Bridal session

3. The BIG one here, $500 off any wedding package for a 2017 or 2018 bride

How to enter to win these giveaways: COMMENT on this blog, tell me a little something something about you, and/or your family or spouse to be. SHARE on Facebook. SHARE image of snappy birthday on instagram and TAG me @crystalreyns AND #crystalsbdaygiveaway

Good luck you guys, now I’m off to hunt down a sugar free cupcake for my PAPA’s 82nd birthday today. Yes we have the same birthday and it is kinda awesome 🙂 🙂


  1. Heidi Miller says:

    You know us well, but we are a family of two crazy in love people with 3 beautiful constantly growing girls. The oldest is getting ready to turn 5 and will be starting Kindergarten next year 😩. I am a hardworking oncology nurse and my husband is an even harder working stay at home dad. We love your photography and you; most of all your patience!

  2. Your work is amazing and cosistent. I love how you use light and take advantage of warmth in pictures. I am a nurse who happens to also love photography as a serious hobby. I love my husband and four kids. I often capture life as it happens in my own photography and see that in your work as well. Lifestyle is my fave. Every so often, I will get a family pic of us with my tripod and self timer. While this was fun and they turn out pretty good, it is much easier to have someone else do it for you. So, here’s my entry😊

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