Jessica & William l Glen Allen, Va Portrait Photographer

Jessica and Willy were the winner of my couples session give-a-way. They worked quite hard for all their votes, and it definitely paid off. I wanted this session to portray more of my style with couples, which if you have followed my work it has come to be quite grounded around a romance feel. I personally love being in the presence of all love. There is nothing better in the world, and when I am editing images that portray just that I find myself in an awe, smiling, and sometimes in happy tears. Jessica and Willy have been in love for years, its just strayed apart for a few years, but they both knew deep inside where their hearts were. I hope y’all love these images as much as I do, and you see how happy they are to be together and living what is true to their hearts. I’m sure their August wedding will be full of happiness. 🙂

Jessica and Willy were such troopers, they got up at the crack of dawn to start their session at 7:30 on a Sunday. Not many people are willing to take pictures at this time, and this was a first time for me, and I must say I am in LOVE with the lighting. They also were so patient in waiting for this field to be in full bloom, thank you guys so much. Our session included lots of gnats, wet grass, and standing in muddy areas, good thing we are raised in the country and don’t mind being bare foot. 🙂



 OH SO LOVE this one too!

 Get it girl!

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