Featured Photographer Jen Sinclair

As I look up to and admire many photographers in Va, I have decided to feature a few.

The first one I asked was Jen, as her work is AMAZE BALLS!!!! She is a women’s photographer in Glen Allen. I met her in early 2012 in a small photographer group, again at a meet up we had. As I aspire to do more women’s work in the future, Jen is a great inspiration to me.

Meet Jen:

Pictured with her husband Matt, photo by © Jessica Smith Photography
1. When did you notice you had a passion for women’s photography?
realized that I wanted to work (almost) exclusively with women shortly
after starting my business a little over 2 years ago. 100% of the women
with whom I’ve worked are beautiful… and most of them don’t see it at all.
It’s important to me that females of all seasons, shapes, and shades
feel confident and secure in who they are, that they love themselves. I
adore working one-on-one with my clients, giving them all of my
attention and energy, to make that happen.

2. Define your style.

this question makes me laugh and cringe at the same time because I
don’t have a ready answer! I guess I’d say that my style is “true,”
which isn’t really a typical response. People tend to use words like
“soft,” “colorful,” and “romantic” when describing their style, but mine
is really more about the person than the picture. 
What I mean by that is that if my client happens to
be soft and romantic, then the poses and prompts I use with her, the
lighting, her wardrobe, and even my post-processing will reflect that…
likewise if my client is bold and sassy. I value consistency in the quality of my images, but I don’t want the content of them to be “cookie-cutter.” 

3. Where are you located? Where do you do most of your sessions?

located in Glen Allen, just outside of Short Pump. I have an in-home
studio where most of my Intimate Sessions (boudoir) take place, but I
also hold them (as well as Traditional and High School Senior Sessions)
on-location throughout Richmond and Hampton Roads.

4. Tell me about your business motto.

business motto – and tagline – is “Redefine yourself.” It’s an
invitation to my clients to break free from the day-to-day roles that
they’re in – wife, mother, daughter, employee, caregiver, student – and
either get back to or discover the woman within. It also serves
as a reminder for me to not get comfortable, to keep things fresh and
new, to keep growing and learning. 

5. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

This is a tough one because everything about my job is rewarding! I
love it when my clients get excited about their sessions, when a shy one
comes out of her shell, when they experiment with new looks, when they
rave about their images, when they refer their friends to me because
they had such a great experience… but I think the very best part
is when my clients tell me how comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful I
made them feel. It’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world to
know that I made a difference in someone’s life, and I treasure being
able to do so.

6. Best advice you can give?

best advice that I can give to photographers working with women is to
actively pursue learning opportunities (workshops, tutorials, assisting
other photographers, etc.), respect the vulnerable position that your
client is in, appreciate and be worthy of the trust that they’re putting
in you, and don’t think of them or treat them like they’re just another
sale walking through your door. Treat them the way that you’d like to
be treated if you were in their shoes. Or corset, as the case may be. 

7. Tell me about your brand.

My brand is all about my client’s satisfaction and her experience. 
I do not
book as many women as I can possibly fit into my schedule, only spend
about an hour with each of them, burn their images onto a disc, and call
it a day. I know a lot of people price shop; they want the cheapest
photographer and 300 photos thrown onto a disc for $50… even if it
means that their photos are noisy or their children’s skin looks green.
If that’s what they want, well – they’re getting what they pay for,
bless their hearts, and more power to them – I’m not the photographer
for them.
Rather, I get to know my clients – and what they
hope to walk away with from their experience – from their initial
inquiry. I guide them from start to finish with the candor and
consideration they’d expect from a trusted friend. I treat them to
little extra touches (like chocolate-covered strawberries and
champagne), I gather information from questionnaires, I collaborate with
them on Pinterest regarding their hair/makeup/wardrobe, I respond to
them immediately, I have only the best people on my Creative Team to
provide hair styling and makeup artistry, I make them feel comfortable
and relaxed, I joke with them, I give them a kick-ass session, I educate
them on products and digital files, and I create custom,
heirloom-quality products that suit their needs and lifestyle.
Again, my brand is all about my client’s satisfaction and her experience. 

8. Tell me about your publications.

recently been published several times and I couldn’t be more excited!
With the exception of some photos I did for a musician friend’s magazine
interview in 2011, I’d never submitted anything for publication before
last month! I’d only seen wedding and engagement images get published,
so I didn’t bother. Then Laura (of Laura Matthews Photography) and
Hollie (of Hollie Dyson Photography) told me that publications were
accepting boudoir images. My work’s been accepted 11 times total now and
I’m giddy about it!

My work’s already been published at Pretty Pear Bride (http://prettypearbride.com/add-a-bit-of-plus-size-spice-with-a-boudoir-shoot) and Bitchless Bride (http://www.bitchlessbride.com/blog/2013/4/7/super-stylish-sunday-im-sexy-and-i-know-it.html),
and can be seen in the near future in/at Richmond Bride, Bitchless
Bride, Pretty Pear Bride, The Bridal Detective, Done Brilliantly, and
The Poppy Cat.


9. What are your future plans for Jen Sinclair Photography?

recently expanded my “photography for women” to include high school
seniors. I love their ideas and energy, and am excited to work with
them! Aside from that, I’ll just continue to redefine and refine as I




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