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YAY for feature friday, and getting to feature another awesome small business woman.

This month’s feature friday goes to the one and only, Rule of Crumb, Miss Jami that has been ROCKING out some custom cookies. I am beyond proud of what she has done in a year, and you can SEE how passionate she is about her cookies! Check her out on FB and give her a like here: Rule of Crumb


I got to spend a little bit of time with Jami one evening watching her do her thang…… and a little interview on getting to know this BOSS LADY:

How did you get into making custom cookies? It started by doing a bridal shower for her sister in law, and googled how to make starfish short cookies for favors. Then realized it wasn’t that hard, then started making cookies for birthday parties and posted a picture on Facebook and it went viral from there by getting requests for preschools, and gender reveals etc. So it just sort of happened.

What makes you passionate about Rule of Crumb? I really like to do my own thing. May be the stubbornness in me, but I like being my own boss and being in control of everything. I feel better about everything when I am completely in control. I have always been a little crafty so it was a natural thing.

Can you see you going full time?
Yes, absolutely. Ever since I was little I thought i would be a business owner I just never knew what it would be in. Very happy with where my little business is going.

What can we look forward to from rule of crumb in the next year? Going full time. I would really like to start doing classes, like a wine and design type except with cookies in the home with friends.

What has been your favorite thing about working in the cookie world?
Really love coming up with the perfect thing for the perfect event and seeing the clients reactions and knowing I knocked it out of the park.

What is your favorite event to make cookies for?
Baby showers, there is something about little onesies and baby stuff that I love.

What was you turning point for rule of crumb? When I started my facebook page a year ago, and I didn’t expect it to be much, and thought it would be an easier way for people to get in touch with me, and it BOOMED.

Tell me us who Jami, owner of rule of crumb is: I am really boring. I like being at home, and I have always liked being creative and being able to run my business out of my home has been amazing. I never thought cookies would be a big hit, but you can personalize them for anybody and anything. We live in a pinterest world so it makes it FUN.

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