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365 days……one year from today……it’s GO TIME!!

Man oh man, in one year from today I will be a bride and starting a new chapter in my life. I couldn’t be more happy, but the stress set in a little this morning when I saw the date. I know a lot of magazines and blogs say it takes year to plan a wedding. My wonderful fiancé calmed me down this morning by saying we already have a lot planned, which we do.

My philosophy on planning our dream wedding was to not let the wedding be more than it is, one day, and about us. And that is still what we intend to do. The planning thus far has been fun. I went to look at wedding dresses on my 30th birthday, and Urban Set Bride was and is my only option for my wedding dress. Their love for vintage and lace fits my personality so much, plus the owners are pretty bad ass.

During my birthday week I had all of my bridesmaid in town and they were off work, so all of us girls were able to go to my wedding venue……AND they LOVED it. It is quite a walk to the ceremony site, but it is so going to be worth it our woodsy whimsical unplugged ceremony. 🙂 And the same day we picked ‘the’ bridesmaid dresses, my ladies are going to be stunning in those Kanali K dresses.

Other vendors we have set for wedding: florist (faithful flowers), coordinator, Officiant, caterer…….so now after typing that, seriously why am I stressing??? Maybe its the actual stress of wanting everything to be perfect. That happens for every bride right? I know I have some pretty AMAZING brides as quite a few check on me with planning and I am so thankful for that!!!! You ladies ROCK!!!

Past brides are there any things I should be doing now one year out?


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