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Now that all of our wedding party has said YES, I wanted to share how we proposed to our wedding party.  We decided to make one of our date nights a craft night for the friends we love most and whom we want to share our special day with.

Me being me, I love surprises, and I love everything pink and gold….so I made my wonderful ladies goodie boxes with their favorite liquor, a gold sparkly ‘P’, sparkly finger nail polish, a wedding day scented candle, and custom card for each person with a special note.

The ‘groomsmen’ boxes were silver and black with special touches for each individual, I didn’t make these ones as you will tell because there is no pink involved. Each one of these boxes contained a card that stated “Shit just got real.” These were our favorite wedding party proposal cards, and they were ordered without hesitation.

We are so excited to share our day with Joni, Sammi, Stacy, Aj, Whitney, Jess, Brycen, and Ryan. Feel free to follow our planning of the big day on instagram #reynstophillips

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