Molly & David Married i Crystal Reyns Photography i Fredericksburg, Va Wedding Photographer

WWWWOOOOOO! Molly and David are wed and enjoying the married life.


This was the perfect day at Stevenson Ridge, and what a WONDERFUL venue with perfect lighting. I had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about Molly and David during their engagement session, but I loved that the DJ interviewed them prior to the ceremony and let their friends and family hear all about their love story during the reception.

Molly and David were high school sweet hearts that both graduated from Va Tech, WWWWHHHHHOOOOPPPPP! (way to my hokie heart right there) David proposed to Molly after their first marathon, which Molly had first read about this idea to David from a fitness magazine. They planned the perfect wedding just a few months after Molly graduated from Grad school at Va Tech with her Masters. Their wedding day was filled with DIY projects, and Molly you did an AMAZING job with all of these projects. Gold wine bottles, shadow boxes on each table that told their wedding story, chalk board signs, seating chart, and a photo gallery for walking down the aisle.

Stevenson Ridge is GORGEOUS!!! The ceremony took place water side with the right amount of shading for the guests. This venue has a number of cabins that are from all over Virginia and has quite the historic background. We were able to visit the post office cabin for a few of Molly and David’s portraits, and they turned out to be some of my favorites!!

The bride and groom entered their reception only in the best way known in hokie world…..ENTER SANDMAN!!!!

Vendor List:

Venue: Stevenson Ridge

Dress and bridesmaid dresses: Ava Laurenne Bridal

Florist: Westwood’s Florist

Cake: The Icing

Caterer: Country Lane Catering

DJ: Eric Herod entertainment

Tux: Men’s Warehouse

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