My Thanksgiving l Personal

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. This was my third year hosting Thanksgiving at my house, and it has become my favorite holiday. I LOVE to cook, and I love being around friends and family. This year was extra special as my childhood best friend, Joni, was able to join, and my awesome friend Melinda and her family joined…..and she also suggested setting up the studio… doing so….THOSE ARE MY ALL TIME FAV pictures. A true capture of happiness and laughter and most of all LOVE and FUN!!
Thanksgiving always starts the night before with baking pies, and all other desserts. This year I had the help of Melinda and her daughter, Haleigh. It was a night of laughter for sure. 
Day of Thanksgiving starts at 5:00am for me, as I have to do a lunch Thanksgiving to fit my brother’s work schedule….which I do NOT agree with, as it takes the meaning of the holiday away for him. 
 This experimental harvest punch was a big hit 🙂
 I only do a turkey breast, because the rest of the turkey would go to waste.

 Yes, I am kinda obsessed with my new fireplace 🙂

 Pumpkins from Sunshine Designs

 And then we hit the studio for some fun pics 🙂 🙂 

 True sibling love, he hates pics if you can’t tell
 Love this man, and so thankful for him and to be so much like him!!! This is my Papa, such a kind hearted man that loves to live life. A jokester! We share blue eyes, flintstone feet, and the same birthday….I’m lucky to call him ‘my Papa’
 …and where I get my silliness from…
 LOVE this so much!!
 Melinda and Haleigh
 Melinda and Maegan
 And trying to get a pic with the brats is a comic show in itself…..and they are heavy


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